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Are Social Analytics Right For You?

Finding the edge that puts your business above competitors is a challenge that many companies strive to overcome on a […]

The Difference Between Normal & Delightful Content

What makes one article, image, video or podcast delightful and another fall flat? While it often seems like some mysterious […]

Navigating the Waters of Client Testimonials

Word-of-mouth marketing has been a proven business generator since the beginning of time. In 2012, Nielsen put numbers behind this […]

5 Research-Backed Tips to Significantly Improve Your Public Relations

John Stevens is a marketing consultant, hosting expert and the CEO at Hosting Facts. When he is not consulting with […]

How PR Can Help Build An Organic Audience

Taral Patel is PR Executive at PRmention, a digital PR agency for startups. Just the way organic food is good […]

How A Holistic Approach to Social Media Can Improve Brand Performance

Wondering how umbrella brands manage their communication? Check out MGM Resorts International's holistic approach to content and social media!

Native Advertising: Where Content Marketing and Journalism Overlap

How can native advertising affect your marketing strategy? Check out this post to learn about one of the least understood modern-day marketing concepts.

Do ‘Unorthodox’ Social Networks Have Marketing Value?

Moosa Hemani is an SEO consultatnt at You can follow him on Twitter @mmhemani. Facebook and Twitter come to […]

9 Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule The Roost In 2016

Anne Carton is a small business consultant, digital marketing expert and blogger working with Designhill, the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace. […]

How to Win at PR: Looking Ahead to a New Business Year

This is a guest post by Courtney Lukitsch. Courtney is the founder and principal of Gotham Public Relations, a 14-year-old […]

Turning Experts Into Thought Leaders

As media channels continue to push out increasing amounts of content (over 1,200 pieces daily via The Huffington Post alone), […]

5 Pet Peeves of Working in PR

Working in PR can be exhausting, especially when people push your buttons. Have a laugh at these pet peeves, then steer clear of making the same mistakes.

5 Tips for Getting Into Live Streaming

The ability to transmit and receive live video over the Internet is not a new concept. Live streaming video games […]

5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Video Marketing Strategy

Marketers are starting to realize the power of video in today’s noisy landscape and are incorporating video into their content […]

How PR Fits Into the Sales Funnel

When it comes to sales, PR has always been thought of as a “top of funnel” contributor. While PR’s impact […]

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