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Beyond the Word: Why Visual Content Matters in Communication

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to visual content in communications. A 2014 study of more than 72,000 Facebook […]

Why Content Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore Traditional Media

Online is where people go to have questions answered, but traditional media — radio, television, and print — is where people learn […]

5 Brands Share What’s Working in Social Media Marketing

Marketers appreciate hearing from other marketer’s success. We learn from other marketers, even when their examples are from a different […]

How to Prepare for the Big Interview: Q&A With Brad Phillips

When your company secures an interview with a major media outlet, you may feel the urge to celebrate. Getting media […]

Bylines, Surveys & Tweets: When Did PR Get So Boring?

This is a guest post by Nova Halliwell, a communications professional living in New York City.   My first taste […]

20 PR Measurements Beyond Impressions & AVEs for Sales Value

Kate Finley is the founder and CEO of Belle Communications, a digital marketing and public relations agency specializing in PR, social media […]

The 3 Biggest Media Mistakes Top Executives Make

Not even executives are perfect, especially when it comes to media interviews. Ace your next interview with Brad Phillips' advice tailored to the C-Suite.

The PR Implications of Edelman’s 2015 Trust Barometer Study

Trust is an important concept in commerce. It underlies every deal, making every transaction appear more or less hazardous. This […]

Working in PR: Five Things I Wish I Learned Sooner

This is a guest post by Nova Halliwell, a communications professional living in New York City. A few months ago, […]

How to Ace a Last-Minute Media Interview

There’s something about the last-minute interview request that has even the most seasoned spokespeople feeling a pinch of dread. As […]

Pop Quiz: What Is PR?

This is a guest post by Nova Halliwell, a communications professional in New York City. I was recently waiting for […]

Entertainment Trumps Ads

The worlds of public relations and advertising have merged to form integrated marketing. Historically the efforts of each department have […]

Thought Leadership Didn’t Kill the Management Guru. The Internet Did.

It’s no secret that more and more companies and individuals are seeking recognition as thought leaders in their industries. But […]

Has the Digital Age Affected the Impartiality of the Press?

[Impartiality] is to be distinguished from balance (the allocation of equal space to opposing views) and objectivity (by which journalists […]

What Is the Future of Social Media?

This is a guest post by “The Tao of Twitter” author Mark Schaefer.  Even the smartest and most-tuned-in people really […]

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