Three highlights from PRSA Digital Impact

I think it was evident at this week’s Public Relations Society of America Digital Impact conference that the PR industry has turned a corner from “playing at” developing social Web presences to focusing on advanced tactics. Having mastered the basics, we’re moving on to discuss techniques for optimizing our efforts and  honing our message for conversation […]

3 takeaways from Inbound Marketing Summit New York

Attracting social marketers, analysts, mobile strategists and digital technology futurists, the Inbound Marketing Summit (Twitter hashtag #ims12) is one of the best conferences I go to. When I first attended about three years ago, the conference series was focused exclusively on social marketing tactics. But it has come to include a strong focus on the […]

Conversations vs. press releases: interpreting the Cision-Newhouse survey

Journalists and bloggers have been talking with brands and professional communicators on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for several years now. Yet, the public relations community has struggled a bit with the terminology around the outreach we do on these sites. The social media release. The twitpitch. The biztweet? It’s just the start […]

Three tech terms that PR and marketing pros should understand

Public relations and marketing professionals I talk with sometimes express frustration about  technology terms that get bandied about in our industry without clear definitions. Often when I give the explanations below, the response I hear is “That’s it? That’s all there is to it?” Well of course, each of these technology concepts and tools are […]

10 effective blog post types for fighting off writer’s block: a CisionBlog retrospective

CisionBlog launched three years ago today with a single goal: to help professional communicators navigate a world in which news organizations are rapidly evolving, and individual voices online have an ever-growing impact. Three years later, we’ve learned that the line between what’s “social” and what’s “media” has been blurred beyond recognition. Bloggers, social site users […]

How does fair use of copyrighted work apply to branded content?

As professional communicators continue to diversify their output of branded content into an ever-growing variety of formats–from blogs to YouTube videos, webinars, podcasts, image galleries, slide presentations and many others–copyright compliance has become a growing area of concern. More PR and marketing pros are wrestling with questions like these: Can I post this video of […]

Top PRSA International sessions on Twitter

With more than 200 leading professional communicators leading sessions at this week’s Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International Conference in Orlando, I did a quick analysis of which sessions are generating the most discussion on Twitter. It’s no surprise that keynotes from Chris Brogan, Peter Diamandis and Soledad O’Brien are leading the pack. Surely […]

The Semantic Web inches closer to reality for media and communications pros

The insightful presentations here at the Semantic Web Media Summit in New York yesterday have me thinking about a line from Steven Levy’s history of Google, In the Plex, which illustrates the value of context in Web search: “A rock is a rock. It’s also a stone, and it could be a boulder…but put ‘little’ […]

Creating a feedback loop for your branded content

Fellow CisionBlogger Yvette Pistorio pointed me to a pretty good post over on Hubspot last week, 5 Vanity Metrics to Stop Measuring (And Better Alternatives). It touched on a concept I’ve been thinking about as I’ve been reading Marshall Sponder’s very insightful new book, Social Media Analytics: Effective Tools for Building, Interpreting and Using Metrics […]

What PR pros should understand about behavioral targeting in paid media: an interview

Judging by the overwhelming response to our Future of Media event last week, communications professionals are actively preparing for the growing convergence of advertising, marketing and public relations, or paid, earned and owned media. While the interplay between earned and owned media is happening quickly, some PR pros I talk to have yet to really […]

Using tags to track your blog’s direction

Usually when I’m tagging a blog post I’ve just written, I’m thinking about highlighting people, brands and concepts that I’ve mentioned in the post that readers might be searching for. But tags can serve another very important function, which I think few bloggers representing brands take advantage of: tracking the progression of themes and topics […]

Community newspapers in North America have stabilized

Digital campaigns and social Web interaction may grab the headlines in public relations trade media, but most PR pros I talk to still spend plenty of time and effort reaching out to community newspapers. So after a period of contraction that has reshaped the media industry, what’s the state of the community newspaper in 2011? […]