In 2008, when my colleague Heidi Sullivan and I kicked off the new CisionBlog, a survey of PR professionals found […]

jay.krall - July 23, 2012

“Making a phone call, sending a fax, sending an email. These ways of communicating with companies are broken,” says Vivek […]

jay.krall - May 3, 2012

When H&R Block announced that it was supporting a bill that would offer Americans a $250 tax deduction to offset […]

jay.krall - April 23, 2012

I think it was evident at this week’s Public Relations Society of America Digital Impact conference that the PR industry […]

jay.krall - April 4, 2012

Attracting social marketers, analysts, mobile strategists and digital technology futurists, the Inbound Marketing Summit (Twitter hashtag #ims12) is one of […]

jay.krall - March 1, 2012

I’m very excited to announce the public beta launch today of a new community site presented by Cision: Seek or […]

jay.krall - January 19, 2012

There are many ways to track the media industry’s evolution in the digital age. Look at the thousands of journalists […]

jay.krall - January 9, 2012

As the new year begins, many professional communicators are hard at work planning upcoming campaigns and content. The underlying concepts […]

jay.krall - January 3, 2012

Journalists and bloggers have been talking with brands and professional communicators on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for […]

jay.krall - December 20, 2011

Public relations and marketing professionals I talk with sometimes express frustration about  technology terms that get bandied about in our […]

jay.krall - November 10, 2011

CisionBlog launched three years ago today with a single goal: to help professional communicators navigate a world in which news […]

jay.krall - November 1, 2011

As professional communicators continue to diversify their output of branded content into an ever-growing variety of formats–from blogs to YouTube […]

jay.krall - October 26, 2011

With more than 200 leading professional communicators leading sessions at this week’s Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International Conference […]

jay.krall - October 18, 2011

Have you ever posted a Facebook update or tweet that you thought was sure to attract a bunch of Likes […]

jay.krall - October 6, 2011

The insightful presentations here at the Semantic Web Media Summit in New York yesterday have me thinking about a line […]

jay.krall - September 15, 2011
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