Julia Rabin

This week we sat down with Phil to discuss how he is driven by a profound concern for his community and the importance of seeing an increase in diversity in the PR industry!

Julia Rabin - January 13, 2017

Adrienne and Greg Weiss sat down with us to explain their branding strategies, the importance of relevance and resonance with consumers, and the most important branding advice they’ve learned throughout their careers.

Julia Rabin - January 6, 2017

2016 gave us a snapshot of some of the biggest lessons, insights and trends of the communications industry. Find a review of some of our favorites from the past year!

Julia Rabin - December 27, 2016

In this interview, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at PHG Consulting, Caroline Michaud says to be a successful communicator, intentional messaging matters. Caroline sat down with us to discuss travel and tourism brands, and how they must adapt as media changes.

Julia Rabin - December 22, 2016

Uniquely poised at the helm of this political publication in a time of turmoil, Poppy sat down with us to discuss her experiences, the political communication industry, and the available opportunities for growth and impact in today’s environment.

Julia Rabin - December 16, 2016

This week we sat down with Jamilah Lemieux, the VP of News and Men’s Programming with Interactive One, as she explains how she has branded herself and stays focused on her goals to produce smart, timely content.

Julia Rabin - December 12, 2016

ProPublica Senior Editor Dan Golden discusses the future of investigative journalism and the personality traits that best lend themselves to the profession.

Julia Rabin - November 17, 2016

Marijane Funess, the director of Crenshaw Communications, discusses how to uniquely position PR campaigns to gain the necessary traction.

Julia Rabin - November 11, 2016

We sat down with seasoned freelance journalist Anne R. Gabriel to hear about her pitching preferences when covering business, technology and IT.

Julia Rabin - September 23, 2016

Kevin Turpin, president at the National Journal, details his vision for the company with a focus on innovation and creativity.

Julia Rabin - September 15, 2016

We sat down with seasoned journalist Jonathan Harsch to hear about his pitching preferences.

Julia Rabin - August 26, 2016

Moving around effectively in the media industry can be daunting. How can you become an asset to your next company […]

Julia Rabin - August 16, 2016

A quick chat with the Associate Editor of the Fast Company’s Leadership section, Rich Bellis.

Julia Rabin - July 15, 2016
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