5 Ways to Defend Your Reputation With Keyword Research

Most customers are deeply engaged with products and services across the digital space. They turn to digital media, both at home and on-the-go. They use multiple outlets to ask questions, give reviews, and share and connect with others. So how do you defend your brands reputation? Reputation Changer CEO Cliff Stein  offers his tips on how to […]

5 Ways PR Pros Can Use Mobile Video On The Go

Public Relations is built on the foundation of two-way communication. It’s tasked with raising awareness of employers or client’s work and perspectives and learning from and responding to the conversation. Video gives PR pros a visual, engaging and entertaining tool. The availability and ease of use of online video have turned it into a universal […]

Top 50 PR & Marketing Blogs

Over here in CisionBlogland we decided to follow-up on our post of the Top 100 U.S. Social Media, Internet Marketing & SEO Blogs with the Top 50 PR & Marketing blogs. We searched deep to shine some light on bloggers you may not be so familiar with. To compile the list, we chose to use […]

7 Tips for Shooting Quality Video On the Go

Smartphones and tablets have made it easy for users to stream videos of all kinds. Studios have released mobile trailers to promote their films and brands have used video to show people how to use their products. This year 94% of smartphone users will be mobile Internet users and mobile video viewers will reach 54.6 […]

How to Build an Online Community

This blog post originally appeared on Kimber Media. A community is more than just a one-time marketing campaign. It’s more than Twitter followers and Facebook fans; it’s a place for members to talk to each other and it can sustain itself. It can help you throughout the life of your company if you take the time to […]