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POPSUGAR’s Dominique Astorino gave us a few insights on building relationships with publicists, the importance of authenticity and much more.

Stone Hansard - May 27, 2016

Social media makes up 10.7 percent of marketing budgets. Yet, many brands don’t know how to measure their social ROI. […]

Maria Materise - May 27, 2016

Consumers aren’t listening to your brand messages. So how can you get them to pay attention and listen to you? […]

Maria Materise - May 26, 2016

Your audience’s social news feeds are a cluttered mess. So how can you make your content stand out? Learn why you should team up with influencers and how to do it.

Katie Gaab - May 26, 2016

What makes one article, image, video or podcast delightful and another fall flat? While it often seems like some mysterious […]

Guest Contributor - May 26, 2016

Why does your organization matter? If you can’t answer that question, your audience won’t understand your organization’s value. Jeff Monford, […]

Maria Materise - May 25, 2016

Last month, I talked to six professionals who use social media marketing to further their brands. You got some insightful […]

Susan Payton - May 25, 2016

At the most recent Cision Connects event, four Los Angeles Times editors explored the evolving entertainment journalism landscape. Get all their tips and insights!

Katie Gaab - May 24, 2016

With so much noise online, your audience isn’t going to pay attention to you unless they feel a connection with […]

Maria Materise - May 24, 2016

Your audience is skeptical of your brand. They want to know that you are honest, trustworthy and reliable before they […]

Maria Materise - May 24, 2016

We had a dinner party a few nights ago, and when talking about the entertainer Drake, our neighbors had a […]

Jim Dougherty - May 23, 2016

Without accurate data, your brand won’t be able to analyze its success. Learn how to determine which PR campaigns have the biggest effect on the sales journey.

Katie Gaab - May 23, 2016

Are your messages getting drowned out? Leverage real-time events to influence your audience and lead trending conversations. Learn how from these 3 examples.

Katie Gaab - May 20, 2016

Without strong support from inside your organization, you can’t expect anyone to support you from outside it. Meghan Gross, executive […]

Maria Materise - May 19, 2016

You spend a lot of time creating content, but is your audience paying attention to any of it? Ninety-two percent […]

Maria Materise - May 19, 2016
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