How to Connect With Your Instagram Audience

Instagram isn’t just for “the kids” anymore. Your audience is there, which means you need to embrace this fast-growing social platform. How can you leverage Instagram’s full potential? Use Jenn Herman’s tips!

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About Snapchat

by Jim Dougherty / Featured

“I have a 21, 19 and 16-year-old using Snapchat for everything including texting. Both (traditional) texting and emailing are dinosaurs to them. We snap together over 100 times a day. It’s keeps them close to me while away at college or with their father.” – Leah Fein-Roque, Public Relations Manager, SociallyFein Recently I reached out […]

How to Measure Your Brand’s Success on Instagram

by Katie Gaab / Best Practices

Once you’ve established an Instagram following and garnered a handful of likes for your posts, it’s time to analyze your efforts. With social media analytics, you’ll quickly discover what needs improvement. Refer back to your visual social media marketing strategy to ensure you meet your goal benchmarks. While Instagram has yet to include an analytics […]

Sarah Hollenbeck Moves To WTSP-TV

Politics, Education & News
by Cision Staff / Media Updates

Sarah Hollenbeck has joined Tampa, Florida CBS affiliate WTSP-TV as a morning reporter. Hollenbeck was previously a reporter at KSHB-TV since July 2012. Previously, Hollenbeck served as a reporter at WBBH-TV in Fort Myers, Florida from 2009 to 2012 and before that, was reporter at KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri since 2006. For more news out of Tampa, Florida follow WTSP-TV on Twitter and […]

Top 10 Tech Insider Staffers on Twitter

by Cision Staff / Top Lists

Tech Insider, Business Insider’s first spin-off site launched this week and offers an inside look at the latest culture, innovation, science and technology news. The site features original content from some of the best names in the field covering everything from virtual reality to intelligent and sustainable design. This week we are taking a look […]

Ken Monro, William Mendelson Talk Re-Launch of Bigger, Better Chicago Scene Magazine

by Laura Botham / Influencers

If you’ve visited Chicago in the summer, you know that the waterfront is the place to be – particularly on a boat. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a FWB (Friend With Boat), Chicago Scene has got you covered with their annual boat party. And if you’re the type who wants to know where the […]

Journalists Less Skeptical, More Reliant on Social Media

by Katie Gaab / Trends

Social media has turned the journalism world upside down, changing the way media outlets reach their audiences, PR professionals pitch their clients and journalists source their stories. While many journalists were hesitant to hop on the bandwagon four years ago, we now see a shift from skepticism to reliance on social media to source and […]