3 Ways to Contribute to Your Brand’s Social Strategy

Is your brand struggling to keep up with its audiences on social? Learn how to get all departments involved when building out your social strategy.

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5 Tips for Pitching Oriana Schwindt from the International Business Times

by Cision Media Research / Featured

Oriana Schwindt is a TV reporter for International Business Times and we chatted with her about her pitching preferences, pet peeves and what makes her open your email.

How to Use Your Company’s Culture to Get Media Coverage

by Katie Gaab / Best Practices

Generating brand awareness through earned media doesn’t always have to revolve around your products, services, data or thought leadership. In fact, if you don’t give customers, clients and potential employees a peak at what truly drives your organization, you are losing loyalty, sales and your business’s future thought leaders and valuable role players. How can […]

Changes at ABC News Washington Bureau

Photo courtesy of Twitter
by Cision Media Research / Media Updates

ABC News has announced several staff changes to its Washington bureau.

Top 10 Digital Trends Writers on Twitter

Image courtesy of Pixabay
by Cision Staff / Top Lists

If you are growing tired of the years-old gadgets and find yourself in the need of new tech in your life, there is no shortage of online publications offering the latest news and reviews. Digital Trends will celebrate 10 years of offering news and reviews on some of the most cutting-edge and creative tech out there.

Behind the Headlines With Kathy Jeavons

by Maria Materise / Influencers

In PR, there’s no telling what trends will last and what won’t, which means PR pros always need to be on their toes. Kathy Jeavons, senior vice president of public affairs at Story Partners, a Washington, D.C. strategic public affairs firm, is no stranger to the constant change in PR. In this interview, she reveals […]

#FeelTheBern Is Election 2016’s Top Hashtag

by James Rubec / Trends

If campaigns are using social monitoring properly, a hashtag calls out a potential donor, supporter or volunteer. Brands should be doing the same, translating commenters into leads, advocates or consumers. Over the last seven days #FeelTheBern has been used more than 525,000 times. That’s 75,000 times a day, or 3,125 an hour. Why hashtags matter When […]

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