Infographic: Super Bowl 50’s Top Brands & Ads

Brands spent millions on Super Bowl ads, but how much social media reaction did they generate? Cision shows which brands controlled share of voice.

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How to Use Your Company’s Culture to Get Media Coverage

by Katie Gaab / Featured

Generating brand awareness through earned media doesn’t always have to revolve around your products, services, data or thought leadership. In fact, if you don’t give customers, clients and potential employees a peak at what truly drives your organization, you are losing loyalty, sales and your business’s future thought leaders and valuable role players. How can […]

3 Benefits of Integrating Your Enterprise Social Strategy

by Maria Materise / Best Practices

Social media dominates the communication landscape. In fact, 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on social media. Despite their dependence, many brands are just taking shots in the dark and are unsure how to use social to drive real results. So how can enterprise businesses achieve success? The key is integration. Successful enterprise social […]

BET Hires Brie Miranda Bryant as SVP

Image via Twitter
by Cision Staff / Media Updates

Brie Miranda Bryant was named a senior vice president by BET this month.

Top 10 Digital Trends Writers on Twitter

Image courtesy of Pixabay
by Cision Staff / Top Lists

If you are growing tired of the years-old gadgets and find yourself in the need of new tech in your life, there is no shortage of online publications offering the latest news and reviews. Digital Trends will celebrate 10 years of offering news and reviews on some of the most cutting-edge and creative tech out there.

Behind the Headlines With Dan Cence

by Maria Materise / Influencers

A PR pro’s job is never done. With constant changes and new things happening every day in the industry, keeping up can be a challenge. But with the right attitude, diligence and a desire to learn, PR pros can focus their efforts and find success. In this interview, Dan Cence, senior vice president at Boston-based […]

Sanders to Win Nevada, Trump the GOP Nomination

by James Rubec / Trends

Donald Trump might just win. National social polling Cision has conducted shows that with New Hampshire’s win, Trump is unstoppable. South Carolina’s primary is only two weeks from now, and to beat Trump, Republican candidates need to, in some cases, increase their share of voice by more than 500 percent to beat the billionaire. Cision […]

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