Infographic: Super Bowl 50’s Top Brands & Ads

Brands spent millions on Super Bowl ads, but how much social media reaction did they generate? Cision shows which brands controlled share of voice.

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6 Tips for Creating Shareable, Loveable Content

by Susan Payton / Featured

Ever feel like you’re publishing blog content to an empty theater? It can be frustrating when you don’t get clicks, shares and reads for your content. What’s the point in writing if no one cares? Listen up: you’ve got to make people care. You do that by first creating really awesome content, and then sharing it […]

10 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

by Jim Dougherty / Best Practices

LinkedIn is a very straightforward social utility. But are you doing all you can to optimize your profile? Follow these 10 tips to get more out of your account!

Boston Courant Ceases Publication

Photo Courtesy of Twitter
by Cision Staff / Media Updates

The Boston Courant has ceased publication after losing a wrongful termination lawsuit brought by a former employee.

Top 10 Digital Trends Writers on Twitter

Image courtesy of Pixabay
by Cision Staff / Top Lists

If you are growing tired of the years-old gadgets and find yourself in the need of new tech in your life, there is no shortage of online publications offering the latest news and reviews. Digital Trends will celebrate 10 years of offering news and reviews on some of the most cutting-edge and creative tech out there.

Behind the Headlines With Erica Archambault McCabe

by Maria Materise / Influencers

PR isn’t just about selling a product. It’s also about effecting change, promoting stories and making a difference in the world. Erica Archambault McCabe, executive vice president of PR agency Current, enjoys being a part of marketing campaigns that have value. Here, she talks about her beginnings in the world of social work, launching the […]

Top 9 Trump Staffers on Twitter

by James Rubec / Trends

Donald Trump’s candidacy is a lesson for brands: executives can make great spokespeople but brand advocates should exist at all levels of an organization. Beyond Trump’s official Twitter account, only a large handful of his campaign team have large social followings. As such, few people can speak on his behalf on social media. Trump’s voice […]

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