Be Human: 4 Lessons From xPotomac 2015

As our world increasingly becomes digital, what’s the key to successful communication? Be human! Better your PR with lessons from the 2015 xPotomac conference.

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The 7 Commandments of Video-Streaming Apps

Live-Streaming Apps for PR - Periscope-Meerkat
by Jim Dougherty / Featured

Mobile live-streaming video apps Meerkat and Periscope have received a lot of press this year. Meerkat was the darling of SXSW and Periscope was the big Twitter acquisition that stole some of Meerkat’s thunder. Despite the advertised novelty of these apps, Meerkat and Periscope are simply the latest iteration of live-streaming video apps. Google Hangouts […]

4 Ways to Measure Podcasting Success

by Katie Gaab / Best Practices

Podcasts like “Serial” have proven how hosts can effectively engage with an audience, and communicators are starting to look at this growing medium in a new light. Slate is investing in its own podcasting network, Panoply. Whether or not Panoply will turn into a success depends on many variables, but how can you quantify that […]

CisionScoop | Analyst Brian Westover Out at PC Magazine

Photo courtesy of Twitter
by Cision Staff / Media Updates

Brian Westover has left his post as hardware analyst for PC Magazine‘s website. Westover joined the publication in 2010 after having worked as a freelance writer. For more on personal computing and news in the tech industry, follow PC Magazine on Twitter. Want more updates like this one? Subscribe to our daily or weekly emails […]

Top 10 MUNCHIES Staffers on Instagram

Image couresty of fernz Baul on Instagram; has been cropped to size.
by Laura Botham / Top Lists

We’ve all been there, innocently scrolling through your Instagram feed, peepin’ on your peeps. Suddenly, you’re hungry! How could you not be?! All anyone is posting are their delicious tacos from the taco stand down the street, that amazing fresh seafood from a vacation near the ocean, a burger from that new joint downtown, or […]

Behind the Blog | John ‘Spartan’ Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief of Nerd Reactor

by Jason Morgan / Influencers

Welcome to Cision Blog’s newest content series, Behind the Blog, where we chat with a notable influencer in a particular digital space, such as food, fashion, or finance.  Nerd fare has become big business. Whether it’s comic books, video games, science fiction or fantasy, what was once the province of just a bespectacled few is […]

Meerkat & Periscope: Which Live Streaming App Is Right for Your Brand?

by Maria Materise / Trends

Live streaming is the new kid on the block and it’s gaining popularity fast. But should your brand use Meerkat or Periscope? Follow these steps to determine which app your brand should use!