5 Audiences You Need to Listen to on Social Media

Social media listening can drive success for your brand. Find out how to listen to customers, competitors, influencers and more in Cision’s new Listen e-book!

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Twitter to Eliminate Share Count. What’s It to You?

by Jim Dougherty / Featured

Last week Twitter announced that they will discontinue share counts in their API. What this means to you is that you will no longer see the number of times that people have shared your content on Twitter. This might seem like an innocuous announcement, but it could be a huge disruptor for content, marketing and […]

3 Types of Customers Brands Should Listen to on Social Media

by Katie Gaab / Best Practices

Your customers are speaking up on social media, but are you listening? See who you should pay attention to and how to respond to build better relationships.

Anchor Enrique Gratas of Estrella TV Passes Away

Estrella TV
by Cision Staff / Media Updates

Estrella TV announced via Facebook that Enrique Gratas passed away last week, following a long illness. Gratas joined Estrella TV in 2010 and began his broadcast career in 1966 in his native Argentina. For the latest on the TV network, follow Estrella TV on Twitter.

Top 10 Agriculture & Farming Magazines on Twitter

Image courtesy of Carl Wycoff on Flickr
by Cision Staff / Top Lists

October is here and that means apples and pumpkins and other in-season fall delights! If you’re doing it right with hay-rides, corn mazes, jack-o-lanterns, or Punkin Chunkin it will probably come with a visit to a farm. This week we take a look at the top agricultural and farming magazines that are on Twitter. Using Cision’s database, we […]

First Step Towards Facebook ROI: Educate With Content

by Katie Gaab / Influencers

Want to revamp your brand’s Facebook strategy to see more ROI? Get started on step one with content insights from Facebook partner Mari Smith.

Medical Marijuana: What Pharma Companies Need to Know

by Mathilda Joubert / Trends

Medical marijuana is a hot topic in the news and on social media channels. Learn who’s talking, what they’re saying, where they’re located and why it matters.