Targeting the Traveler: What Drives Travel Decisions

Travelers are a diverse group, which makes appealing to them all challenging. Find out what factors influence travel decisions for millennials, families and retirees.

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The 4 Measurement Trends PR Pros Should Watch

PR Measurement Trends
by Ann Feeney / Featured

Public relations and data analytics used to be worlds apart. In the old days, most PR measurement consisted of soliciting opinions directly through surveys and indirectly by measuring behaviors based on opinions, like buying or voting. Still, for most variables, data was expensive, limited, lagging or all three. As a result, measuring the impact of public […]

The 3 Biggest Media Mistakes Top Executives Make

Media Training with Brad Phillips
by Guest Contributor / Best Practices

Not even executives are perfect, especially when it comes to media interviews. Ace your next interview with Brad Phillips’ advice tailored to the C-Suite.

CisionScoop | People Adds Aaron Couch in L.A.

Photo courtesy of Twitter
by Cision Staff / Media Updates

Aaron Couch has joined the Los Angeles bureau of People magazine as a staff editor. He previously served in the same role at the Hollywood Reporter for three years. Follow all the news events affecting daily life with People via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Want more updates like this one? Subscribe to our daily or weekly […]

Top 10 MUNCHIES Staffers on Instagram

Image couresty of fernz Baul on Instagram; has been cropped to size.
by Laura Botham / Top Lists

We’ve all been there, innocently scrolling through your Instagram feed, peepin’ on your peeps. Suddenly, you’re hungry! How could you not be?! All anyone is posting are their delicious tacos from the taco stand down the street, that amazing fresh seafood from a vacation near the ocean, a burger from that new joint downtown, or […]

Be Human: 4 Lessons From xPotomac 2015

Public Relations Lessons
by Katie Gaab / Influencers

As our world increasingly becomes digital, what’s the key to successful communication? Be human! Better your PR with lessons from the 2015 xPotomac conference.

Meerkat & Periscope: Which Live Streaming App Is Right for Your Brand?

by Maria Materise / Trends

Live streaming is the new kid on the block and it’s gaining popularity fast. But should your brand use Meerkat or Periscope? Follow these steps to determine which app your brand should use!