Become a Podcaster Master: Q&A With Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

If your target audience is always on the go, how do you reach them? Become accessible by building a podcast strategy. Learn how with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone!

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Facebook’s New ‘See First’ Feature Gives Consumers Control, Challenges Brands

by Maria Materise / Featured

Facebook is at it again. The social network has introduced another update, this time giving users’ more control over what they see in their News Feed. The new feature, called “See First,” allows users to prioritize friends and pages, choosing to show their posts in their news feed above others. While users may rejoice over […]

Free Tip Sheet! Effectively Engage With Audiences on Instagram

Instagram for PR and Marketing Tip Sheet
by Katie Gaab / Best Practices

Instagram is now the number one social media channel. How is your brand leveraging the photo-sharing platform? Follow these tips to build an effective PR and marketing strategy.

Tech Insider Launches

by Cision Staff / Media Updates

New partner site of Business Insider, Tech Insider has officially launched. The site explores and celebrates technological and scientific innovation. The content will focus mainly on four key verticals: Tech, Science, Innovation and Culture. Gus Lubin serves as editor in chief and Emily Cohn is managing editor. For the inner geek in all of us, check out […]

Top 10 Tech Insider Staffers on Twitter

by Cision Staff / Top Lists

Tech Insider, Business Insider’s first spin-off site launched this week and offers an inside look at the latest culture, innovation, science and technology news. The site features original content from some of the best names in the field covering everything from virtual reality to intelligent and sustainable design. This week we are taking a look […]

Waterhouse PR: Cision Cut Our Media Monitoring From Hours to Minutes

Waterhouse PR - Cision
by Katie Gaab / Influencers

For PR firms, social media monitoring has become an essential part of a successful agency’s offering. But without the right tools, it’s impossible to scale media monitoring services as the business grows. Just ask Waterhouse Public Relations, the largest public relations firm in the Tennessee Valley. “Scrubbing through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find what […]

Journalists Less Skeptical, More Reliant on Social Media

by Katie Gaab / Trends

Social media has turned the journalism world upside down, changing the way media outlets reach their audiences, PR professionals pitch their clients and journalists source their stories. While many journalists were hesitant to hop on the bandwagon four years ago, we now see a shift from skepticism to reliance on social media to source and […]