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Images are an important part of comms and content – but what if you don’t have the resources? We share some of the most popular Photoshop alternatives and how they can help make the creative process a bit easier.

Jim Dougherty - February 21, 2017

Creating more content is usually always a good thing, but successful content marketers know that it takes more than just creating more content to get results. You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot, wasting time and resources and having little to show for it. With the following research-backed tips, however, things can be much different in 2017!

Cision Contributor - January 11, 2017

Publishing a book can add credibility and authority to your company as well as your personal brand. In this post, Jim Dougherty takes a look at some of the services that are available to produce a self-published book of content for marketing communications professionals looking to bolster their brand.

Jim Dougherty - January 9, 2017

Don’t forget to include content marketing in your holiday communications to-do list. Here’s how to tie content and promotions together in time for Black Friday.

Susan Payton - November 16, 2016

Structuring your content can increase the length of time readers engage with it. Here are simple ways to make your content more aesthetically pleasing to readers.

Jim Dougherty - November 7, 2016

If it feels like your marketing campaigns are zombies and your audience is a ghost town, here are tips that will bring your communications back from the dead.

Susan Payton - October 14, 2016

Become a better writer with these tech tools that optimize your writing for search discovery, make text more readable, and correct your grammar.

Jim Dougherty - September 26, 2016

This guest post is by Kevin Luchansky, Content Marketing Product Specialist. As the content marketing product specialist at Cision, I […]

Cision Contributor - November 14, 2013

  NewsCred’s Content Marketing Summit 2013 brought great speakers, attendees, publishers and brands together to share the latest strategies in […]

Heidi Sullivan - September 19, 2013

Curating content is less time-consuming than creating it, but it isn’t any less daunting. How do you decide which stories, […]

Teresa Dankowski - September 10, 2013

You’re probably already doing it. Content curation is the practice of reading, vetting and reposting content published by others for […]

Teresa Dankowski - September 4, 2013

Content Marketing Product Specialist Kevin Luchansky contributed to this post. Writing content is no easy task. From finding a topic […]

Lisa Denten - August 28, 2013

CMI’s Content Marketing World is just two weeks, five days and 20 hours away. Are you planning to attend? Cision’s […]

Laurie Mahoney - August 20, 2013

I don’t often write press releases but this week I’ve been tasked to do so for an upcoming announcement. Nowadays, […]

Laurie Mahoney - August 8, 2013

Public relations agencies, publishing houses, advertising firms – these are some of the oldest, most venerable industries around, and many […]

Laurie Mahoney - July 23, 2013
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