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Top 10 Automotive Bloggers on Twitter

As we roll into the colder months, the road trip season is winding down. That doesn't mean that you should be paying less attention to the health of your car. Follow the top automotive bloggers on Twitter for quick tips and reviews.
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Top 10 Marie Claire Journalists on Twitter

With fall fashion in full swing, its time to pull out your sweaters and boots and get cozy! Don't make the mistake of thinking that means you can be less fashionable though. Stay fierce this fall by keeping up with Marie Claire's most influential contacts on Twitter.
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Top Ten Atlanta Music Bloggers

Whether you're hopping that "midnight train to Georgia," or trying to stay cool in "Hot 'Lanta," when you get there you'll want to check out the dynamic music scene. Luckily, there is no shortage of knowledgeable music bloggers in Atlanta.
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Top 10 Daily Newspapers in Florida

There is no shortage of eccentric news coming out of Florida. But in a state of endless summer, miles and miles of beaches, no shortage of tropical fruits, and some eye-catching wildlife, it's not too hard to imagine why. Not sure on where to start getting news from the Sunshine State? Check out our list of the top newspapers in the state.
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Top 10 Hip Hop and R&B Radio Stations

Nothing says summer like laying poolside with a cold beverage and some hot tunes. if you haven't quite found your 2014 summer jam yet, it's not to late! This is the list of the top hip hop and R&B stations in the U.S.
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Top 10 Grilling and Barbecue Bloggers on Twitter

With the dog days of summer settling in, it's the perfect time to perfect your grilling and barbecue skills. Hit the local farmer's market or butcher shop and gather your friends, but don't forget to find the perfect recipe!
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Top Ten Yoga Bloggers on Twitter

With summer in full swing, it can be hard to get a moment to yourself. Stay inspired and motivated to keep up your yoga practice by following these bloggers on Twitter.