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100k Partner Sites

Your Content on Credible Websites

Reach potential customers
Promote your story on our network of premier publisher sites such as TIME, The New York Times, Fast Company and CNN.

200M People Reached Monthly

Grow Your Audience

More ways to boost traffic
Drive new readers directly to your blog, website or stories written about your brand—and engage with them early in the buying process.

360 Degree Analysis

Proof of Campaign Performance

Quantifiable results
Understand how content is performing and what channels are working via metrics such as clickthroughs, page views, downloads, referral traffic and user engagement.

Key Features

You need to get the most out of the branded content you’ve invested in by engaging new audiences. Cision’s Content Marketing Suite targets engaged audiences on top tier websites to drive more brand exposure and traffic to your content, wherever it may live. It’s the easiest way to enhance your PR campaign strategy and reach a broader audience.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Create and host content in Cision’s social newsroom

Publish all of your content, including multimedia, in your own branded social newsroom that’s optimized for search engines. Cision’s newsfeed showcases your key points, white papers, case studies and other content to attract new viewers.
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Content Amplification

Content Amplification

Drive traffic to your website

Promote your stories—either from your social newsroom or your own website—on major news sites like Fast Company and CNN with our amplification tools, and easily engage your employees, partners and fans to promote your content across their own social networks.
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Results Measurement

Results Measurement

Gain insight into your story’s performance

Learn how many clicks, shares and page views your content receives. Use the results of your campaign to modify future headlines and campaigns to get better visibility.
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Customer Testimonial

What people say about Cision

Once we loaded our content into Cision’s platform it began hitting the big name websites. We immediately saw an increase in all of our metrics. Since we started the Cision content marketing program, referral traffic to our website has increased by 20 percent.

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