Increase the value of your content and reach the largest audience possible by amplifying it on channels where potential customers are already engaged.

Grow your audience

Share your story—or entire RSS feed of content from your site—via our network of thousands of premier publisher sites reaching more than 200 million people per month and serving up more than 2 billion recommendations per day.

Target the right people

Get your stories to appear as suggested content on the online news sites your potential customers read most, such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, NBC News and People. A/B test to see which headlines drive more engagement.

Build high-quality traffic

Engage with new audiences who are interested in your branded content by empowering your employees, partners and customers to promote your company’s social media content on your behalf.

Acquire more customers

Content amplification gets audiences thinking about your brand as a resource for valuable information so you’ll be front of mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Once we loaded our content into Cision’s platform it began hitting the big name websites. We immediately saw an increase in all of our metrics. Since we started the Cision content marketing program, referral traffic to our website has increased by 20 percent.
- Daniel Durazo, Director of Communications
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