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Determine campaign effectiveness, message penetration, channel performance and more. We

present data on the performance of your campaigns so that you can assess impact and ROI.

Understand Impact

Understand impact

Interpreting your resonance

Cision provides the tools and insight you need to measure the success of your campaigns, understand your brand reputation and see how you stack up against the competition.

Demonstrate ROI

Show what your story is worth

Our executive reports and customizable dashboards summarize all of your data so you can communicate campaign effectiveness to the C-suite.

Demonstrate ROI
Gain Social Intelligence

Gain social intelligence

Getting Big Data to work for you

Don’t get overwhelmed by social coverage. Cision aggregates and analyzes your data in real time so you understand how influencers are shaping your brand reputation.

Customer Testimonial

What people say about Cision

CisionPoint’s analysis tools let us measure performance and express results in multiple ways, and present those findings in a clear, effective format to our clients.

David Weissman, R&R Partners-Arizona

Key Features

You need to know how your PR campaigns affect your brand. Get comprehensive media analysis from Cision. Cision’s PR measurement tools incorporate proven methodology and industry-leading expertise to deliver valuable insight into your brand reputation. Hundreds of charts and graphs help you easily understand the tone of your coverage and overall campaign performance—and can be scaled and shared with your team.


Basic Analytics

Know what worked and what didn’t

Compare your campaign against the competition, produce easy-to-read media monitoring reports and customize shareable dashboards for internal discussions.
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Advanced Analytics

Track campaign performance

Further your results by measuring prominence and creating custom graphs that illustrate a variety of metrics, from how many people were influenced to what kind of impression they were given.
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Social Media Analysis

Make sense of the conversations on social sites

Determine the themes, topics and trends driving content in your industry, including the most common keywords used in your coverage. Understand positive and negative sentiments, and identify influencers for future messaging.
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Tailored Media Analysis

Get a custom media evaluation program

Specify the information you need, and when you need it. Cision delivers detailed media analysis, custom reporting, on-demand media insights, rigorous data and more.
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Make Media Analysis Work for You

See how Cision products and pricing can improve your bottom line

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Media Analysis for your PR strategy

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