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1.6 Million Records

The World’s Largest Media Database

Start building smarter lists
Find the right influencers and information by tapping the most comprehensive source of media contacts, outlets, editorial calendars and pitchable opportunities in the world.

300 Thousand Social Prifiles

Connect with the right people

Know your contacts before you pitch
Target journalists and bloggers by region, beat, past coverage, profile keywords and more—so you can be successful with media outreach.

20k Daily Updates

The Most Current Data

Real-time accuracy and detail
Your live media lists update automatically as we refresh data—so you can stay current on contacts, outlets or even editorial calendars for the year ahead.

Key Features

You need to know which media contacts influence your audience, but you have limited time for research. Find the answers quickly and easily with Cision’s global media database. Quickly search with a single keyword and refine results to build robust media lists spanning traditional and social media. In-depth influencer profiles include direct contact information, preferred contact methods, coverage topics, personal pet peeves, recent tweets, social profiles and more. Compile unique lists for every type of outreach and track interactions, news mentions and coverage back to individual contacts for a 360-degree view of your communications.

Traditional Media Contacts

Traditional Media Contacts

Find influencers in print, broadcast and online media

Target the key journalists in your industry, using the pitching methods they prefer. Plus, access recent news coverage on your topic to uncover additional influencers.
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Editorial Calendars

Editorial Calendars

Create a media plan of your ideal placements

Search our editorial calendar and pitchable opportunities database by industry, geography, media type, date range and more. Comprehensive information includes special promotional opportunities, editorial profiles, event registration and everything you need to plan a great campaign.
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Social Media Contacts

Social Media Contacts

Connect with today’s digital influencers

Find the bloggers and tastemakers who shape public opinion online. Learn who’s writing about your topic and use Cision’s Influence Rating and Social Demographics to find the most relevant and influential contacts in your industry.
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Customer Testimonial

What people say about Cision

As my marketing and public relations firm grew, efficiency and time management became paramount. Researching individual reporters to find their contact information was quite cumbersome. Cision’s media database allows us to quickly identify and procure contact information for reporters who are potential fits for our clients. As we’ve continued growing, Cision has become integral to how we deliver results for our clients. Cision has paid for itself and then some.

Eric FischgrundFischTank