Understand the impact of your story by knowing what people are saying about it with Cision’s social and traditional media monitoring tools.


Social Media Monitoring

Identify the social conversations and influencers that impact your brand.

  • Turn mentions into relationships by monitoring and engaging with authors of 150 million digital platforms.
  • Demonstrate ROI for viral elements of your stories with publicity values for each post.
  • Gauge sentiment and use integrated charts to show the impact of brand mentions across media.
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Broadcast & Video Monitoring

View coverage as it appeared on TV from all 210 U.S. markets and easily capture clips.

  • Get extensive coverage from over 25,000 hours of broadcast content streaming daily.
  • Easily edit broadcast videos and get detailed analyses of your coverage.
  • Increase your reach globally with Cision’s international coverage.
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Print Media Monitoring

Glean insights from tens of thousands of traditional print media sources.

  • Monitor national and local newspapers, magazines, newsletters and more.
  • Gain access to LexisNexis for an expansive library of print publications.
  • Uncover gated coverage that doesn’t typically appear on online
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Online Media Monitoring

Track your story in real time as it makes its way across the Internet.

  • Gather insights into how your online coverage reaches an audience.
  • Monitor millions of online publications and news websites, or run ad hoc searches.
  • Pay one flat rate for online monitoring, regardless of the number of articles.
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Daily News Briefings

Let Cision demonstrate the value and credibility of your team to senior stakeholders.

  • Receive manually curated news stories and easily sort and classify your news.
  • Use coverage analysis to quickly identify trends and develop business objectives.
  • Keep abreast of your industry and your competitors.
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Cision will help us stay on top of what’s being reported by the leading print and Internet outlets in the U.S., broadcast and cable networks and key local television markets. It will enable us to be more responsive and effective in both day-to-day and longer-term tasks.
- Carol Stogsdill, Senior Executive Director, Office of Media Relations
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