Keep your employees, executives and stakeholders updated on company and industry news with daily, customized news briefs.

Get curated news

Let our dedicated analysts review your coverage—social, print, broadcast and online—and deliver only the most relevant news.

Stay informed

Get a view of your news by competitor, business unit, messaging, spokesperson or any other category to better understand your brand’s perception in the marketplace.

Gauge effectiveness

Showcase how your media coverage is shared, engaged with and made viral on social channels.

Cision has greatly simplified our media processes. The platform allows us to quickly gauge volume of coverage and its impact, locate reporters, expedite reports to senior executives, delineate prominent themes and much more. Best of all, it integrates a variety of media items into one central tool, which allows us to be more proactive and frees up time for other tasks.
- Stephanie Slingerland, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
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