Experience the most comprehensive print media monitoring in the marketplace, delivered directly to your inbox.

Get superior coverage

Cision reads and scans tens of thousands of national, regional and local newspapers, trade and consumer magazines, business and trade journals, newsletters and more for mentions of your company, products, brands or competitors.

Gain access to LexisNexis

Tap an expansive library of content, covering tens of thousands of print publications with more than 175,000 stories added daily.

Stay on top of your news

Get email alerts within 24 hours of the publication of new coverage, or set up scheduled daily email reports and access tools that easily summarize the coverage you received.

Report on performance

Create integrated press reports detailing all your monitoring with metrics, charts and more.

Cision helps us track coverage better, respond quickly to opportunities and challenges and report promptly to our management. Its ability to deliver hard-copy clips, international monitoring and analysis is also critical. Cision helps us cost-effectively integrate the ways in which we monitor coverage.
- Sally Andrews, Vice President, Public Relations
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