Social media is a vital channel in integrated PR and marketing strategy, yet only 45 percent of PR professionals have ever successfully pitched a story via social media. Social ranks toward the bottom of most trusted media sources—yet social media use among PR and media continues to grow year after year. What’s the dirt on this elusive medium? Cision and PR News dove deep into the State of Social Media in PR and some of the results are quite shocking.

Join Matthew Schwartz (Group Editor of PR News) and Brandon Andersen (Director of Marketing at Cision) for an in-depth look at how PR views and utilizes social media, based on data from PR professionals themselves.

This 45-minute live session will cover:

  • What metrics PR pros are using to demonstrate social media success
  • Tips on pitching your story via social media
  • What PR professionals view as the most trusted media sources
  • Which social media channels are being utilized the most for paid promotion

You can also view the slides from this webinar.

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