Instagram for PR and Marketing

How to Connect With Your Instagram Audience

Instagram isn’t just for “the kids” anymore. Your audience is there, which means you need to embrace this fast-growing social platform. How can you leverage Instagram’s full potential? Use Jenn Herman's tips!
Twitterchats for your brand - PR

How Tweetchats Boost Your Brand

Looking for a way to stand out as a thought leader, connect with leads and develop strong partnerships? A Tweetchat might be the tool for you. See how it can help!
Instagram for PR

How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand

Want to use Instagram to build your brand? There are two strategies: create content yourself or use your community's content. Find out the pros and cons of each strategy and best practices for how to succeed no matter what.
Focus - Immutable Branding Law

An Immutable Law of Branding: Focus

There’s too much media. Too much noise. How do we cut through the clutter and garner the attention and sales we desire? Laura Ries says stop trying to be everything to everyone and focus.