Facebook is constantly changing, and keeping up with its new features is difficult for most communications and marketing professionals. Whether […]

Jim Dougherty - August 29, 2016

Earlier this week, over 100 social media experts, thought leaders and communicators headed to Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA […]

Katie Gaab - July 29, 2016

Shaan Purri, co-founder of Blab, recently said people don’t want scripted, manicured, polished and perfected content anymore. They want brands […]

Michelle Dziuban - July 14, 2016

Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm once again. Wondering how it will affect your communication? Find out in this post!

Jim Dougherty - July 5, 2016

When Facebook first launched, users searched for classmates and dorm room friends. Now, 63 percent of users (up from 47 […]

Katie Gaab - April 7, 2016

As a content marketer, you spend tremendous time and money to create content – be it brand awareness, thought leadership […]

Kim Snider - April 5, 2016

E! cable network has launched “Live From E!”, a new daily show on Facebook.

Cision Media Research - March 23, 2016

Facebook will release a bunch of new features in 2016, but there are a few existing ones that are underutilized. Check out how to leverage these 10 legacy features!

Jim Dougherty - February 1, 2016

This list is a look at the top ten ABC stations on Facebook, buy the number of ‘Likes.’

Cision Staff - January 13, 2016

A recent Cornell study describes how Facebook users are increasingly dependent on its utility. In fact, the study asserts that […]

Jim Dougherty - December 21, 2015

Across the nation many states are voting on important issues today, as well as electing new leaders in their states […]

Cision Staff - November 4, 2015

Want to revamp your brand’s Facebook strategy to see more ROI? Get started on step one with content insights from Facebook partner Mari Smith.

Katie Gaab - October 12, 2015

”Facebook wants to help journalists find the signal in the noise… And now it’s created a free newsgathering tool called […]

Jim Dougherty - October 5, 2015

Facebook is at it again. The social network has introduced another update, this time giving users’ more control over what […]

Maria Materise - July 29, 2015

As the hottest social media network du jour changes, so do the tips and tricks we use to master this […]

Susan Payton - June 30, 2015
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