Facebook Creates News Role

Campbell Brown has joined Facebook as their head of news partnerships.

How to Use Social Search Better in 2017

Social search presents a unique challenge for communications and marketing professionals: chasing a moving target. In this post, we explore how Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn approach search.

How To Create a Simple Facebook Messenger Bot

There are apps that give you the capability to incorporate Facebook Messenger bots into your workflow for very little cost, and with little to no understanding how to code. Jim Dougherty shares some of the best tools to consider for your brand in this week's trends post.

How To Listen Better With Facebook’s Unified Inbox

Jim Dougherty explains how Facebook's unified inbox works, and goes in-depth about how customer service (social care) occurs on each of Facebook's platforms.

Top 10 FOX Affiliate Stations on Facebook

If you find yourself needing more local news in your Facebook feed, we've got you covered! This week's list includes the top 10 FOX affiliate stations on Facebook based on number of likes.

7 Brand New Facebook Features You Should Know About

Facebook is constantly changing, and keeping up with its new features is difficult for most communications and marketing professionals. Whether […]

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story in An Always Connected World

Earlier this week, over 100 social media experts, thought leaders and communicators headed to Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA […]

It’s Time to Go Live: Q&A with Vincenzo Landino

Shaan Purri, co-founder of Blab, recently said people don’t want scripted, manicured, polished and perfected content anymore. They want brands […]

5 Things To Know About Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm once again. Wondering how it will affect your communication? Find out in this post!

3 Facebook Features That Benefit the Media

When Facebook first launched, users searched for classmates and dorm room friends. Now, 63 percent of users (up from 47 […]

5 Amazing Facts to Know About Facebook Ads

As a content marketer, you spend tremendous time and money to create content – be it brand awareness, thought leadership […]

E! Debuts New Show on Facebook

E! cable network has launched "Live From E!", a new daily show on Facebook.

10 Facebook Features That Businesses Should Use More Often

Facebook will release a bunch of new features in 2016, but there are a few existing ones that are underutilized. Check out how to leverage these 10 legacy features!

Top 10 ABC Stations on Facebook

This list is a look at the top ten ABC stations on Facebook, buy the number of 'Likes.'

Top 10 Magazines Covering Social Issues and Opinion on Facebook

Across the nation many states are voting on important issues today, as well as electing new leaders in their states […]

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