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Are you missing out on opportunities because you’re not taking full advantage of social media monitoring’s abilities? Here are 5 ways to remedy the situation.

Jim Dougherty - October 25, 2016

Do you know a Chicago Cubs or St. Louis Cardinals fan? Check out what we found out about the fan personas of these baseball rivals after tracking Twitter.

Michelle Dziuban - June 23, 2016

With a few more wins, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. Last December we identified that Trump’s social mention […]

James Rubec - April 27, 2016

After seven years and countless political battles President Barack Obama still manages to turn out a crowd. Obama’s 2016 State […]

Michelle Dziuban - January 13, 2016

Social media listening has become a broad, all-encompassing term that represents a bunch of different applications for social data. This […]

Jim Dougherty - May 18, 2015

Social media has reached its adolescence. Though many companies have rushed into the social media space, many remain skeptical of […]

Guest Contributor - April 9, 2015

Social Media Marketing World ended March 27, and social networks are likely still panting in exhaustion after handling the surge […]

Brian Conlin - April 1, 2015

All marketers are involved in communications at some level.  It is the nature of our business – whether it means […]

Rich Miller - May 23, 2014

The Memorial Day weekend is a time of remembrance and perhaps of reflection, but it is also a time of […]

Dae Yoon Lee - May 23, 2014

March has long been considered a time of great change and growth. March signals the coming of spring and, after […]

Jeff Morris - March 14, 2014

This post is by Information Retrieval Specialist Ann Feeney. Marketers, PR professionals and advocacy groups need to move beyond the traditional […]

Cision Contributor - March 11, 2014

Data from black Friday is in and retailers are jumping for joy. Sales on Thanksgiving day grew to make combined […]

Laura van Dijken - December 10, 2013

This guest post is by Mischaela Elkins, social media product specialist at Cision. Social media management is typically a fun, […]

Cision Contributor - November 15, 2013

There is general agreement that bullying is bad. There have been some terrible stories about teens getting bullied and the […]

Laura van Dijken - November 7, 2013

The September Fall TV new show rollout is a bit like Christmas. It’s an exciting time when people come together looking […]

Jennifer Radons - September 26, 2013
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