Unlocking the Science of Influencer Marketing [Webinar This Week]

Learn how to crack the code of influencer marketing during Heidi Sullivan and Carrie Morgan's upcoming webinar Influence By The Numbers.

5 More Foolproof Tips for Hosting Winning Webinars

Looking to improve your webinars? Get more tips from our very own Marissa Jambrone. In this post, she discusses what to keep in mind during and after a webinar.

5 Foolproof Tips for Developing Winning Webinars

In a recent Content Marketing Institute study, more than half of marketers agreed that webinars/webcasts are one of the most […]

Get Into a 7C Frame of Mind: Shonali Burke’s Guide to Social PR

Brands must build a loyal, engaged community to cut through the noisy, overcrowded marketplace and have an impact. But too […]

Speak Up: Identify Influential Ideas to Make Your Mark

In 2013, users sent 500 million tweets and uploaded 100 hours of video to YouTube each day. Statistics like these […]

Webinar: 5 Places to Look for Social ROI in 2015

“Social ROI” helps you understand if your social efforts are moving in the right direction and are reaping benefits. Ironically, […]

IFTTT Recipes, Social’s ROI and Curation Tools: PR Advice from Sarah Evans

The ubiquity of digital and social media has sent PR into a state of flux, forcing PR pros to wear many new hats. Here's advice from Sarah Evans on the tools, tactics and best practices you'll need to succeed.

Fundamentals for the New Era PR Pro: Don’t Get Left Behind

How has a PR pro's role evolved? They have become the community hub, content producers and marketers who act as producers, content creators, and, at times, journalists. Sarah Evans shows you what you need to know.

Future Skills for PR: A Q&A with Gabrielle Laine-Peters

In this uber-connected world, core PR skills remain the same but modifying those skills is necessary for continued development and success in the future. Gabrielle Laine-Peters discusses how to achieve PR success.

Adapt Your PR Skills or Die

PR pros are in danger of falling victim to Digital Darwinism. Avoid going the way of the dodo with social media consultant Gabrielle Laine-Peters' advice for adapting your PR skills to a fast-paced communications world.

Ready, Set, Launch – Using Social Media to Improve Product & Service Launches

Next Tuesday, April 8th, Ian Michiels, Principal and Managing Director at Gleanster Research, will be joining Visible for a webcast […]

Joe Waters’ 4 Tips for Cause Marketing

The demand for brands that help construct a better world through social good will only strengthen in the future. Increase sales and customer loyalty by following cause marketing expert Joe Waters' tips.

What can brands learn from the Sochi Olympics?

Well, it’s all over. No more keeping track of the latest medals count, watching athletes perform unimaginable feats in the […]

The future of social media data analytics

On February 19th, we conducted a webcast titled “Combining Social and Enterprise Data to Increase Insight.” It was one of […]

5 Ways to Update Your PR Strategy for 2014

Media had a tumultuous year in 2013. Did your PR strategy keep up with the changes? Update your 2014 PR strategy with five tips and get even more from Gini Dietrich's webinar.

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