March 17, 2011 / by Heidi Sullivan

Mother’s Day is a little less than two months away… so why are we talking about it today on CisionBlog? Quite simply, many monthly magazines plan at least two months in advance, so the time to get your mom news noticed in traditional media is now. However, the mom audience now spends a lot of time engaging in social media and consumes news not just through traditional channels, but from friends across the social Web as well.

Stacy DeBroff, Founder, Mom Central

In honor of the upcoming holiday, Cision is offering two free briefing books highlighting editorial calendar opportunities for Mother’s Day and profiles of some of the most influential mom bloggers. I had the pleasure last week of speaking with Stacy DeBroff, best-selling author and founder of Mom Central, about the shift in the Momosphere to social media.

An “Experimental Generation”

“One of the poignant trends that’s happened within the Mom space is that moms are experiencing what I think of as an experimental generation,” explained DeBroff. “We grew up with mostly a generation of stay-at-home moms, then we were told we could be all we can be.”

She continued, “It’s often not the glass ceiling, it’s the sticky floor of motherhood that defines this generation of moms – we want to be available to our kids, we want to have identities, we have opinions and smart ideas and also we are an evermore powerful consumer demographic when it comes to brands.”

The Rise of Mom Bloggers

Social media has also served as a catalyst for change for this experimental generation of moms. DeBroff said, “As moms seek to express themselves and share opinions about interactions with their kids, their likes and passions, the things that they buy – at the same time that there was a transformation in the ubiquitous and very inexpensive nature of getting involved through social media.  It used to be that in order to have a powerful voice in the Momosphere, you had to do what I did: write four books for Simon & Schuster, appear on dozens national morning shows, speak at parenting groups and more… Now thanks to social media, moms have been able to, with their computer, from the basement in their house in Iowa, to the deck in their backyard in San Diego, build an audience not by going to an institutional broker like traditional media or writing a book, but gather audience based on the power of their voice, the clarity of what their expressing and the resonance it has with their audience.”

According to DeBroff, social involvement has taken a lot of forms – from those that write about the sheer joys and challenges of parenting like Dooce who are almost like novelists to passion-driven topical bloggers like The Pioneer Woman who lives in the West and loves cooking.

She continued, “There are also a number of  moms who have gotten into things ranging from political commentary to really talking about brands and products and how they are interfacing with them as moms and women.

Brands Are Taking Notice

“What’s happened is that it’s created a very dramatic paradigm shift where brands used to talk at moms, but now moms are talking about brands regardless of what the brands are saying to them,” DeBroff explains. Social media has hijacked a great deal of marketing conversation, political conversation and news – especially within the mom space because for generations, moms have always relied on word of mouth. A generation ago that might have meant turning to your mom, your best friend, your neighbors – across that white picket fence. Now we’ve had the ability to bring that out and reach hundreds of thousands of interested readers who want a curation of all the content out there – particularly when they can find a mom blogger who really resonates with them.”

A New Momosphere

Cision Blogger Heidi & Her Mom - I love you, Mom!

“As moms turn away from traditional advertising and megaphone top-down messaging and have discovered they have these voices that they can garner really substantial audiences who aren’t just listening, but acting based on their posts,” described DeBroff.

“The rise of this online influencer has created an incredibly powerful movement that’s sweeping up hundreds of thousands of moms as writers and millions of moms as followers and commenters. It’s an incredible tipping point for an otherwise local mom, can go on Twitter or start a blog and mobilize really large attention for the issues and brands that they care about.”

As communicators that represent a variety of brands and organizations, we need to remember the importance of this key stakeholder group and their ever-increasing power and voice on the social Web.

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