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Facebook PRPhew…that title was a mouthful. Inspired by the latest post from Social Media Examiner, instead of telling you five reasons why you should “like” our PRWeb Facebook page, we’d like to recommend six PR pages on Facebook that we think are of great value (and hope you like us there too!). But, in case you do need five reasons to like PRWeb on Facebook:

5) ‘Cause all the cool kids are doing it. Just kidding. We appreciate your readership on our blog and if you’d like the blogs delivered to your Facebook newsfeed the moment they are hot off the press…er, keyboard, you can get them there.

4) An abundance of content. Sometimes, we have stuff to say but it’s not long enough for the blog. Other times, we have stuff to say but it’s too long for Twitter. Facebook is the perfect platform to share our thoughts, pictures, or ask questions that you can respond to in real-time.

3) Free stuff! We often give away free press releases, discounts on press releases and even SWAG from around the office (shirts, flash drives, slinkys, etc). So if you want free stuff, Facebook is where it’s at.

2) We like to see your face. Facebook for us is cool because we not only get to see your profile picture, but a little bit more about you like where you’re from, your occupation and other interests. We enjoy connecting with you on a more personal level and we hope you like connecting with us too!

1) It’s all about the apps. There are just so many cool things to do on Facebook: share photo galleries, embed polls, and it’s all handy on one page. We like to optimize our Facebook page with Vocus’ North Social apps to make a more engaging experience for you—so try it out and let us know what you think. We really do appreciate the feedback!

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled programming of six facebook pages in PR you should check out (right this moment!):

6) The Future Buzz by Adam Singer of Lewis PR is absolutely encapsulating.  We have no idea how Adam comes up with such great content so consistently, he must be some sort of future-built cyborg. Anyway, his posts just get better and better and Adam clearly has a grasp of where PR is headed–we highly recommend this page.

5) Ragan’s PR Daily: Ragan’s is a powerhouse when it comes to publishing timely and relevant public relations content, and it’s not always so serious: articles titled “10 signs you’re a social media jerk” and hilarious photos headline the page to make your read of the page more of a delight than a feed-scanning chore.

4) PRNewser is also on the ball when it comes to reporting the latest developments in PR, particularly social media in public relations and PR for brands that we encounter every day—from fashion to food and pop culture. It’s just another way of bringing PR learning closer to home.

3) Mediabistro’s approach is to inform you of everything that is happening in the media—when journalists change beats or outlets, new programs or publications, and trends in journalism coverage. Now that’s useful stuff.

2) PR on Facebook is a good one for best practices and conversations around using Facebook (and social media in general) for PR.

1) Help a Reporter is exactly how it sounds. You help a reporter out by being a source for their news story and you get media coverage—it’s that easy.  The Facebook page lists urgent HARO queries that reporters have deadlines on right this moment that you can creep in on, examples of stories published using the service so you can see pitching best practices, and the occasional pun from founder Peter Shankman. Today’s funny bone? A pic of Peter and an adult film star (who uses HARO, of course) clad in HARO t-shirts. Did it just get hot in here?

What are your favorite PR pages on Facebook? Share them with us in a comment below!

(Photo Credit – Flickr Creative Commons: Sean MacEntee)

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