4 Marketing Lessons from Halloween

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Photo courtesy of Michael Nadler, Media Data Analysis Supervisor at Cision

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s fun to dress up as something or someone else just for the night. I love seeing what people come up with and after it’s all over, I start planning what I’m going to do for next year. As we approach the Halloween weekend, today’s post calls for something seasonally appropriate. Paul Williams wrote on Marketing Profs, “Every day is Halloween. Characters of all shapes and sizes come to your door looking for treats. If you don’t deliver, the trick is they won’t return.”  So I’ve come up with four marketing lessons we can learn from Halloween.

Being friendly, happy and sweet isn’t enough. Just like Halloween candy, too much artificial sweet will upset stomachs, so be genuine and honest.

Marketing Takeaway – Honesty is the best policy. Be honest with your customers and yourself. Avoiding the truth will only make a situation worse later on. With today’s social media channels, being genuine and hones isn’t something you can ignore. Don’t scare people away from your door or they may never return.

Be prepared to give something away and make sure it’s good. When we were kids, we knew the houses that gave away toothbrushes, bad candy or some other unwanted Halloween “treat.” We stopped going to that house. Well I did…I just wanted the good candy!

Marketing Takeaway – As adults, when we give kids candy, we don’t expect anything in return. (Maybe just a simple “thank you.” )In marketing, giving without expecting a return can bring more to your business than you realize. Try going over the top with customers and prospects and they will hold you in high regard.

Pay attention to detail. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because we can become whoever we want. Have been to a Haunted House recently? I went to Reaper’s Realm last year and was blown away by the detail and time it must take every day to put that spectacle together!

Marketing Takeaway – The more detail you put into it, the better and more believable the experience is. Paying attention and delivering quality to every customer or prospect will make them believe you are a great brand.

Photo courtesy of sparr0 via Flickr

Take part and people will like you more. You know that guy that goes to a Halloween party where a costume is required and he wears a t-shirt that says “This is my Halloween costume?” And think that’s lame. Then you look over and see, oh I don’t know, an elaborate Batman, or a group of friends dressed up as Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach and Princess Toadstool. (I’ve always wanted to do that with a group of friends!) And think those are the best costumes you’ve seen so far.  Those are the people that win contests…not the lame guy who doesn’t like to dress up and have fun with it.

Marketing Takeaway – Your customers like to see people who are passionate and excited about what they’re doing. Just like in Halloween where everyone loves the people with the best costumes and most decorated houses.

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