November 17, 2011 / by Enrico Montana

The wisdom of the masses is often found in the most unexpected and serendipitous ways.  In fact, one may consider that the wisdom can be applied to even the most ethereal, immeasurable, and sometimes speculative questions that we may only be subconsciously addressing through our everyday interactions online and how we represent ourselves in the public arena.  I thought it would be fun to ask some of these questions, but look to Twitter’s freeform profile location field to provide the magic 8-ball answers of our time.  For those who want to maintain a level of privacy and not reveal where they are, many will actually reveal a little about themselves in how they creatively address a blank box.

Where are we going to expand the human race, and who’s going?

Based on profiles listing space related objects, it seems we’re going to be colonizing space beyond Earth into Mars, then the Moon, and finally the great beyond.  A little under half of us will choose to remain on Earth, but the majority is ready to go out to the stars to explore our universe.  In fact, we’re so ready that Mars is the number one location, followed by a roughly equal place between the Moon and the great beyond (Universe or Outer Space).   One has to wonder how much effort @marsrovers is putting into making their home the number one destination of the future.



On a related note, men are from Mars and women from Venus, but it’s not nearly as clear cut as you might think.  It’s more of a bias within the population.  We’re much more in tune with ourselves than you may have believed or heard from other sources.

What kinds of perspectives do people take when assessing where they are in the world?

It turns out there are three roughly equal kinds of people in the world.  Introspectives are located within themselves; extrospectives are within others, and there are those that choose a general state of mind.  There are a couple episodes on @FringeOnFox that explores the very topic of getting into the minds of others.  Apparently, this practice is more prevalent than a single scientist in a lab @Harvard.









Are you good, evil or somewhere in between?

Clearly, actions speak louder than words on this topic.  Despite the fact that 92% of people will choose to locate themselves in Heaven or Hell over Purgatory, in reality, when moving to Middle-earth, most would choose a generic Middle-earth location than Mordor or The Shire specifically.  Clearly, we may speculate our level of good or evil, but when put to a real decision like where to live in Middle-earth, that bias no longer exists.  Of course, the #OneRing is pervasive and despite your choice, it will exert its effects on you eventually.

And where would you live?

Speaking of fantastical places, some of you may not be LoTR fans, so let’s look at Star Wars.  We seem to avoid political strife in a big way.  We’d rather choose the worlds where the strong survive (Tatooine) or simply avoid others (Degobah) before we gravitate to more complicated and messy political locations like Coruscant, Naboo, Endor and Alderaan.  But then again, @DeathStarPR has been pretty vocal about their position on Alderaan and in fact made some pretty big “statements” about how they feel. There’s still life on those rocks, so who’s victory was it really?

Team Jacob or Team Edward?

If location says it all, Team Edward by a wide margin.










Thanks everyone.  Enjoy your day (wherever you may be).

**Disclaimer:  This analysis is semi-quantitative at best, and is intent on being fun over factual. Much of this data has surfaced through our applied research team who is diving into data to help drive deeper geography-based feature sets for Visible Intelligence in the future.

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