February 07, 2012 / by Sutira Phrakaysone

Super Bowl 46 was a pretty fantastic game when you think about what it had: star power, major markets, and a close game that wasn’t determined until the very end. All that was great, but honestly, do you want to know what subjects really got people to speak up on social outlets? Commercials and the halftime show of course!

Who needs your Tom Bradys or Eli Mannings when you have a swath of celebrities lining up to get some pub and make funny commercials? Who needs intense, rough, well-played football when you have major brands spending millions to entertain you for those precious minutes away from the game?

I’m totally down for seeing Elton John as a tyrant King controlling my Pepsi intake, or Adriana Lima trying to sell me on flowers (yes I paid attention to what she was pitching) and the Kia Optima! I also wanted to say “well done” to Audi. I really do appreciate you showing me how to kill off those pesky vampires; you never know when that type of knowledge will come in handy. If only it worked on twilight fans too! (I kid, sort of.)

Looking at Visible®‘s social media monitoring platform, you’ll see that social media traction on game-day was not based solely on the game itself; advertising also ruled the space.

You can see that some of the top individual commercials/brands were mentioned as often as any of the key plays during the game. My theory is that those generally into the game don’t want to break away from it to post on social outlets during the game. Those who aren’t really football fans may generally watch because they’re at a party or tune-in to watch things like commercials and the half-time show and therefore have no qualms about posting during the game.

Check out the football related volumes AFTER the game for ads, halftime, and the teams:

We can see that there is a huge spike as people are jumping onto social to reflect on the game, the MVP, and various other wrap-up topics. I think the lesson here is this: The Super Bowl is more than a football game, and especially on social during the game. You’re fooling yourself if you still believe otherwise.

Quick Halftime Notes:

The halftime show was generally regarded as a success, as the show garnered 59% positive sentiment within the sentimented posts from our halftime data. There were also no major flubs outside of Madonna almost falling off the stage… but we can forgive her for being tired after that show. Heck I get tired just watching people move around these days. Here are percentages of volume for the various songs and artists that took part in the show.

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