Creating popular content to lift less popular content

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Creating Popular Content to Lift Less Popular ContentContent is king. But what if your content is so niche-specific that your potential audience is relatively small? How do you appeal to people and get that content to rank high for the small niche of people searching for it?

This is a problem that a lot of B-to-B companies have. Here at Cision we face this issue daily. Believe it or not, most people in the world don’t care about things like editorial calendars or media databases (I know, it’s crazy, right?) It’s tough to make a piece of content on media databases to go viral because the audience is relatively small. So with that small audience, how do B-to-B companies create content that gets a lot of inbound links and social shares, which in turn will help other niche content rank higher?

Create broader content

Take a step back from your targeted demographics and think a little bit broader. Instead of creating a piece of content about a niche topic, think of a more popular topic that still relates to that niche.

If your company creates accounting software for small businesses, create a piece of content that appeals to a broader audience, such as Top 10 Tax Savings Tips. Your business doesn’t necessarily sell tips on saving money, but the content is still similar to your product and delivers real value to the reader. And unlike very niche-specific content, this broader content will hopefully get mainstream traction and generate inbound links and likes to your blog/website.

Put links in posts back to your products

Now that you’ve come up with content that has broader appeal, make sure you include a link back to your product itself. Let’s say the product is a piece of tax software. Make sure you use keywords as your anchor text to give the page you’re linking to an extra boost. In this case, the keywords “2013 tax preparation software” might be the apropos keyword.

If the Top 10 Tax Savings Tips post goes viral, it will begin generating a lot of clout for itself in search engines. And since you have a link to your niche tax software product in that post, that tax software page is going to benefit from some of that “link juice” that is getting passed on to it from the more popular post.

With that fresh injection of “link juice,” the tax software page should now rank higher for the keywords “2013 tax preparation software.” As a result, your small, niche audience searching for tax software will be more likely to find your tax software product page, thanks in part to your more popular piece of content.

Don’t let your content stray too far

Don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons when it comes to creating new content. But be careful not to create content that is not associated in some way to your products and services. If you sell tax software but create content about the 50 best places to take a first date, you’re going to really confuse search engines, and users. When content doesn’t match up with your site in any way, it can be seen as spammy and have a very negative effect on search rankings. So keep it on-topic.

A rising tide lifts all boats

Your entire domain gets a lift from popular content. Inbound links to your popular content helps increase the overall domain authority of your site, which is another key metric in search rankings. An increase in domain authority can in turn help every page in your site rank better.

About Brandon Andersen

Brandon is the Director of Marketing at Cision US. In his role, Brandon leads Cision’s US marketing team and develops strategies for engaging marketing and PR professionals. He is a host of the popular Cision Webinar series, and blogs about everything from inbound/content marketing tactics to future trends in communication and technology on Cision Blog. Find him on Twitter @brandonchicago

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