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With the country caught up in the latest news of government surveillance (and noting the coincidence of George Orwell’s novel, 1984, published 64 years ago tomorrow), we got to talking about future technologies. Political preferences aside, we wondered about some of the technical advances we might see five or 10 years down the road that could help us with our careers in the PR and marketing industry. Here are some of our techie-est dreams:

Wi-Fi everywhere -New York City has already started this wave by making internet available in its subway systems. Wouldn’t it be great to have Wi-Fi available all over your city? Cell phone service too.

No more sound delay – We can’t stand that lag in sound during conference calls and TV broadcasts: the delayed laugh, the accidentally talking at the same time! We’re hoping that gets taken care of down the road.

3-D presentations and video chats – Three-dimensional technology is continually being improved, so it doesn’t seem like too far of a reach to think in the near future we might not have to leave our offices to “attend” a conference or view a presentation.

Wireless everything – Many conferences now provide plug-ins for laptops right in the floors of the room for attendees. But how great would it be to not have to plug in at all? Fingers crossed someone comes up with that solution soon.

Tablets for all – We’re hoping that in the future, tablet devices will be as common as cell phones – everyone will have one. It would make our jobs so much easier to have something so portable, and lighter than that laptop we lug everywhere!

Flying cars – Until those 3-D presentations are a reality, Back to the Future-style flying cars would really help out the commute. As our SVP of Digital Content, Heidi Sullivan, observed, “Funny thing is, if you watch [Back to the Future], they have flying cars, but they still have print newspapers. Guess we got that one wrong.”

What would you like to see become a reality? Tell us in the comments!

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