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Babies and pregnancy have long been a reason to celebrate the beauty and power of the female body. Today more than ever, women are participating in a public discussion about their experiences and bodies.

Celebrity pregnancy announcements have become near-rituals; Beyonce reveals her pregnant belly on national TV, and we see a seemingly endless parade of baby bump magazine covers, not to mention “first photos” and mother-baby photo spreads that introduce celebrity babies to the public eye and boast the mother’s bounce back to pre-baby body.

“We have celebrities sharing more than ever before about their pregnancies,” Emily Johnson says. “I feel like pregnancy is getting so much attention. I think about Kate Middleton and the royal baby which is evocative of where we’re at in the cultural zeitgeist.”

As culture shifts towards a more “tell all” approach to pregnancy, there is also more dialogue about the challenging aspects of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. It is no longer taboo to discuss the lifestyle adjustments, both mental and physical, that new mothers encounter.

She goes on to say, “We talk about bounce back after baby in a way now that I know my mother’s generation did not. It’s great because it’s a good way to talk about fitness, and is a conversation I look forward to having with our readers.”

Johnson joined Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health as a Co-Editor of the Features Section at the beginning of August. Johnson is no stranger to covering beauty, fashion, and celebrities, and is excited to bring pregnancy and health into the mix. She previously worked with Bauer Teen Group at TwistJ-14, and M magazine. Prior to Bauer, Johnson was an intern at ParentsMen’s Health, and Cosmo Girl.

While she previously worked on content for a younger audience, she says that women’s interest is truly a topic that suits her and she is excited to shift perspective.

“This is a leap in the direction of where I’ve wanted to be. It was a fun three years learning the tween market, but I’m ready to be somewhere more mature and talking to someone my age,” she said.

Johnson is also excited to cross over into topics related to wellness and health at Natural Health magazine. She says that like pregnancy, mainstream media is discussing natural health topics more today than in past decades.

“Homeopathic and natural health topics used to be less conventional thing, not every woman in America might not have been aware or concerned with natural health. Today, even if that’s not your thing you are certainly aware of it and most likely a little curious.”

Johnson cites Whole Foods’ success as an example of a societal shift towards organic food and products as well as a holistic health. You don’t have to look far to find celebrity chefs promoting more natural eating, or brands moving towards more natural and organic ingredients as a way to connect to this trend. She says “as more and more research come out people are more conscious of what goes into the products that they use.”

Johnson says “this is a really exciting time that’s full of energy.” She looks forward to working with a new editorial team and hopes that her previous experience can help to bring a young modern voice to the discussion.
Pitching Tips

“I prefer to be pitched via email. Anything and everything that might relate to a pregnant woman or the life of a woman interested in natural health are things I would be interested in hearing. I’m excited to do any real life stories, and perhaps relationships, stuff about skin care, beauty and celebrity.”

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