Top the Charts! 5 Insights for How to Do Social PR

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This is a post by Maeve Sugrue, a marketing executive for Vocus U.K.

When it comes to social PR, pop stars are rocking it. They make up almost 50 percent of the 100 most followed on Twitter, blowing the likes of Barack Obama and BBC Breaking News clean out of the water.

Do PR like a Pop Star

Following our recent webinar “Creating a Buzz: What the music industry can teach us about social PR,” I caught up with Dan Carter, editor at Dancing Astronaut (a business aimed at growing the reach of dance music in the digital media space) to gain some insight into the lessons PRs can learn from their pop-star counterparts. Here are some of his thoughts:

1. What do you see as being essential to building buzz in the next five years?

Social media remains an essential place where news and information is disseminated to your consumer audience. Accordingly, a sound knowledge of relevant platforms, and an ability to adapt to their content requirements is sure to become more and more essential to building hype for a brand or product.

2. In terms of PR success, what advice from the music industry is relevant to someone without a superstar’s budget?

Learn what makes your audience tick and never take them for granted. Even among the storm of popularity now facing certain music markets, no brand, business or PR professional can assume that there is a ‘one size fits all’ agenda for making your client a powerhouse. The second you stop trying to actively engage your audience with relevant material is the day they move on and seek a brand/business that can.   

3. How would you recommend an artist/brand deals with brand attacks on social media?

Do so with dignity and remember that unlike in the past, responses and defences can be recorded in the permanent form and disseminated freely across the web. Accordingly, any public responses should be closely considered and legally safeguarded before committed to press releases/the Internet.

Want more advice on Crisis Management? Watch the free on-demand webinar of Amanda Coleman of the Manchester Police.

4. Do brands who display personality through social have a better chance of developing valuable online client relationships?

Absolutely, but this is dependent on the business. Music artists stand a far greater chance of being considered as personable brands with strong social mechanisms than faceless/spiritless companies or products. Where a brand of drink or consumer product is unlikely to be able to display a sense of personality, an artist, political figure, sportsperson or other can use what is popular/trending at the time to engage clients and build value through personable activity.

Social PR - Personality

5. What three tips from the music industry would you lend to a business trying to build social buzz?

  • Never take your audience and their attention span for granted
  • Brand partnerships are a good way to take a ‘buzz worthy’ brand into the upper echelon of a market, but they must be true to that product’s ethos and mission statement
  • Social buzz feeds off surprise and viral worthy content, not repetition or regurgitation or previously successful campaigns

Want to take your PR to the top of your charts? Let Dan Carter and Tiffany Yu show you how to do PR like a pop star at their free on-demand webinar.

Image: Sean MacEntee, Vic (Creative Commons)

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