Narrow Your PR Focus in 2015

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With the number of tools and technologies available, you may already be wondering how you’ll survive 2015. How can your PR possibly succeed if you need to be creating content, posting photos to Instagram, conversing with followers on Twitter, publishing and promoting press releases, and measuring your work?

Have no fear; we have a plan that’s going to get you through not only this year but also the next one and the one after that. This is a plan guaranteed to last the lifetime of your brand.

Start with data.

Before you start thinking about strategies and tactics, visit your results. Do an audit of your work:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • Why did one effort succeed while another failed?
  • What were your best channels?
  • Which ones drove the most traffic and bottom-line results?

With that information, choose your best two to three channels and focus your initial work there.

Determine strategies and tactics.

Once you know where you’re going to focus your efforts, you can decide on strategies and tactics.

If your goal is awareness, you’ll want to develop a strategy that gives you the most buzz for your buck. If it’s engagement, you’ll spend time crafting thought leadership pieces and complementary visual assets. If it’s customer retention, you’ll plan a program that rewards customer loyalty while simultaneously building your brand’s presence.

Implement strategies and tactics.

PR Strategy 2015

Having a well-laid plan is nice; implementing it is better.

If you’ve chosen to focus your efforts on press releases, email marketing and visual media, start working on those three. Set milestones for each one. For example, you could institute a rule in which you don’t publish a press release unless it’s accompanied by at least one graphic or video.

Track your efforts.

If you were to use the rule mentioned above, you have to track its results.

  • Did your visually rich press release perform better or worse than past ones?
  • Was it picked up by more outlets?
  • Did you receive more third-party mentions?
  • Did your audience share the multimedia assets more often?

Don’t track the press release in isolation; examine how it fares in comparison to other channels. Also assess how the channels work together to produce results. Perhaps the press release is your first-touch attribution point. Visual media could be a secondary point, followed by a subscription to your email newsletter as the third.

Add as You’re Able.

Efficiency - PR Planning 2015

As you become accustomed to narrowing your focus and measuring your efforts, a strange thing happens: you get faster at your work and find you’re able to do more. You can attempt another campaign because you have the data to back up the initiative, potential returns on the investment, and the resources to make the campaign the best it can be. You can even ask for more resources if needed because you can justify the request.

If you want to see your PR succeed in 2015, narrow your focus. Audit your efforts, mine your data and plan and implement your strategies and tactics accordingly.

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Erin Feldman is the director of editorial services at Tenacity5 Media. When she isn’t researching, writing, and editing blog posts and white papers, she writes poetry and essays, draws her favorite Write Right character, and plans what art form to study next. She’s based in Austin, Texas and can be found on Twitter @erinmfeldman.

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