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Content marketing is a crucial piece of content strategies. To be effective, though, it needs to keep up with the times.

Outside-the-Box content marketing for PRAs technology becomes ever-present, content strategies should include video, podcasts, games, comics, events and more. And as the content competition heats up, brands need to find ways to distribute their content, often through paid means like syndication and native advertising.

A successful content strategy in 2015 and beyond will include brands differentiating themselves by thinking outside the traditional content marketing box. Consider the following from the Content Marketing Institute’s B2C and B2B reports:

  • 70 percent of B2B marketers and 69 percent of B2C marketers create more content than a year ago
  • Social media, e-newsletters, articles on owned websites and blogs make up the four most used content marketing tactics
  • B2B and B2C marketers want to learn more about measurement, automation, video and visual storytelling.

Our latest white paper, “Outside-the-Box Content Marketing for PR,” explains this new era of content marketing and provides 10 ideas to inspire the content strategy that works for you.

Here are some of the highlights from the white paper:

How to Get Started

Content marketing doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. To succeed, brands must know their audience holistically. Consider answering these questions to determine your strategy:

  • What challenges does your target audience have?
  • How, where and when do they prefer to consume content?
  • What does my audience like to do outside of my industry?
  • Which sites and influencers refer traffic to my site?

Answering these questions should give you a better idea of which media will best engage your audience. Be sure to measure your content’s performance to produce more of the top performing content and less of the underperforming stuff. Making alterations to your hypotheses will make a big difference when it comes to generating results.

5 Outside-the-Box Content Marketing Ideas

Outside-the-box content ideas

What types of content can brands use to stand out? We profile 10 options in our white paper. Here are five of them:

1. Podcasts

Americans listen to 18 percent more podcast audio than in 2014, a total of 21 million hours each day. Podcasts, once considered an out-of-date strategy, have made a comeback in part because people can use them while driving, doing yard work, shopping or just about anywhere else.

Tip: To achieve podcasting success, you have to identify your angle or hook before you start. From there, you can build a mission statement that will help guide your episodes.

2. Original Programming

Original video programs carry the downside of being extremely resource intensive, however it can often be worth it. The key is to create something that is useful or entertaining while avoiding seeming intrusive.

Tip: Don’t create a documentary or movie because you need a big hit. Create that type of content because you have the resources and want to maximize results.

3. Games

Like podcasts, games have made a comeback. In the 1990s, 7Up had success with releases on Nintendo. Now brands can create mobile games that build brand awareness as players tap away.

Tip: Games are fun, but you need to mix at least a little business with pleasure. Be sure to include a call to action as a seamless part of the game-play.

4. Events

Live events have been around forever, but they have evolved. They have become an immersive event that combines online and offline experiences. They mix mobile apps with social sharing to provide a more well-rounded experience that gives brands a greater ability to engage participants and build awareness.

Tip: Get the most out of your event by taking time to plan how you will leverage all of the content before, during and after the event.

5. Native Advertising

Native advertising spending will grow from $8 billion in 2015 to $21 billion in 2018. Why? Because it works, helping brands cut through the content clutter and reach new audiences.

Tip: Consumers have a positive view toward native ads, but don’t abuse it. If ads aren’t relevant or purchased by a trustworthy brand, your audience will view them negatively.

Want more about outside-the-box content marketing? Get our free white paper now!

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