How’s Your Press Release Call to Action?

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In the content marketing world, there’s a lot of buzz about having a strong call to action. Without one, your web copy, white paper, or email can fall flat, and customers won’t do what you want them to do. It’s kind of like herding cats.

A strong call to action, on the other hand, can concentrate results (get people to do this and not that), and can help you measure what’s important to you.

What Purpose Do Calls to Action Serve in Press Releases?

When you think about it, a press release is just another component of your content marketing strategy. So it stands to reason that you would want to guide people who read your press release to take certain actions (or rather, one single action. More on that in a minute).

You have goals for each press release you write. Probably you want to boost traffic to your website. Maybe even a specific page. Let’s say you have a press release about the launch of your new product, the Super Duper SwafferSwuff. In the release, you include a link to the page for the SwafferSwuff, and hope people click on it. But are you telling them to click on the link? If not, you don’t have a call to action.

Creating a Strong Call to Action

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Now, I’m not calling the readers of your press release dumb by any means, but you have to lead them by the hand to do what you want. That means your call to action must be simple. Here are more hints.

Include Only One.

Stick to one single call to action per release, otherwise you confuse readers and convolute your measurements. If your release is about the launch of your SwafferSwuff, your call to action could be:

  • Click here to preorder your SwafferSwuff
  • Sign up for product updates
  • View more information on the product

You don’t want to encourage people to click to learn about the product and sign up for your emails. Assume they’ll do one thing (if that), and choose wisely.

Talk Directly to Your Reader.

Use action words. Pretend you’re saying, “Hey you. Yea, you reading this release. I want you to do this.” Only be nicer about it.

And avoid passive voice. “For those who desire more information, it shall be revealed through the clicking of this button,” clicked no one ever.

Create a Sense of Urgency.

Not only do you want your readers to do something specific, but you want them to do it now. So tell them. Use words like:

  • Today
  • Now
  • Limited time

Even if the offer isn’t limited, people don’t know that, so make them feel like they’ll miss out by waiting.

Use a strong call to action and see if you get more of what you want through your press releases.

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(See what we did there?)

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