3 Types of Influencers You Need to Target

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Influencers have the power to make your audience pay attention to your brand, but not all influencers are the right match for your brand. So how do you know which influencer is the right one to align with?

According to social media expert Mark Schaefer, it depends on the type of influencer.

In the “LiSTEN: 5 Social Audiences Brands Can’t Afford To Ignore” e-book, Mark discusses how listening to influencers can play a role in your social strategy. He says that before partnering with an influencer, you need to think about your goals.

Here are the three types of influencers Mark identifies as the influencers who can make an impact on your audience:

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1. Celebrity


Perhaps with the widest reach, celebrity influencers have huge audiences and broad appeal. Aligning your brand with a big star puts your product or service in front of tons of people, often people you wouldn’t have been able to reach on your own. And if Kim Kardashian likes your brand, others are sure to follow.

But celebrities cost money – money that a lot of brands don’t have. And their personal life could pose a threat to your brand. Scandals happen, and if your celebrity is caught up in one, your brand could pay the price.

2. Niche Influencer

If you’re looking to appeal to a more targeted audience, niche influencers may be the right match. These are bloggers, YouTubers, Viners and Pinterest stars with millions of followers who are focused on a specific topic, such as beauty, food or travel. They are often viewed as down-to-earth and like “regular people,” so their audience feels intimately connected, resulting in a massive amount of influence.

With such a targeted following, niche influencers are extremely sought after by companies and agencies. Some may require compensation to promote your brand but the cost will be much less than that of celebrity influencers.

3. Organic Advocate


 While celebrity or niche influencers may have little to no connection to your product or service, organic advocates truly love it. These people do not need compensation or any convincing to promote your brand – because they already do it!

Organic advocates can be difficult to find, since they usually have a small audience, but they can be integral to your success. Audiences are often tuned in to celebrity and niche influencers’ inauthentic enthusiasm for your brand, which could turn them off of your product or service. With organic advocates, authenticity is never a problem. While their reach may not be huge, organic advocates’ loyalty to your brand could more than make up for it.


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Maria Materise is a content marketing specialist for Cision. Formerly a copywriter, she enjoys creating content that excites and inspires audiences. She is an avid reader, movie trivia geek, Harry Potter fanatic and makeup junkie..

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