November 21, 2015 / by Katie Gaab

Influencer marketing can bring in big bucks for any brand who draws up a detailed strategy and delegates outreach tasks.

But a brand can quickly ruin its chances of success if it doesn’t continue to build the relationship after the initial ask.

Forging a long-term relationship with an influencer is really quite simple. The more effort you put into getting to know the person, the more likely they will respond to your emails, repost your social updates or share your press release with their networks.

Follow these four easy steps to strengthen your bond and meet your brand’s end goals:

1. Keep in Touch


Influencer relationships, like any relationship, need a little TLC to ensure trust, loyalty and happiness.

First and foremost, brands should continue communication beyond the initial outreach or ask. Participate in ongoing, industry-related conversations, spread the word on your influencer’s new book or simply like one of their hilarious GIFs. In doing so, influencers will know your original outreach was genuine, not forced.

Furthermore, if an influencer suddenly goes quiet on social media, don’t automatically dismiss them from your efforts. Instead, make a point to see what’s happening before coming to any decisions.

2. Monitor Moments

Do you see an increase in tweets after sending thank you swag? Does your influencer respond more often to emails or social media conversations? Document interactions and social moments to see what gets your influencer most excited about your brand.

Utilize the monitoring and analytic features in your social listening tools to track how the public responds to and feels about what your influencer is saying. Do you see an increase in your followers after working with an influencer for six months? Are their followers sharing posts about your brand? Has sentiment grown positively?

Also, if you’ve provided the influencer with copyrighted material, track those conversations to ensure others are staying compliant when sharing your content too.

Want more tips on how to be successful with relationship management? Get our free white paper!

3. Request Feedback


The more you trust an influencer with your program, the more likely they are to stay with your brand.

Provide influencers with the opportunity to discuss what they like about working with your brand and what parts of the program could use improvement. This tactic will especially benefit the 19 percent of social media professionals piloting their first programs.

But don’t limit feedback to the program they’re already involved in — offer influencers a sneak peek at your new products or services by asking them to be beta testers. You’ll instill more trust into the relationship and receive honest opinions in return.

4. Review and Reassess

Remember the metrics you outlined earlier in the influencer outreach timeline? Now’s the time to refer back to those benchmarks.

How often did your influencer share your tweets or news? Did their social reputation affect your marketing campaign as expected?

Combine your influencer’s feedback with your own data to determine whether your program stayed on the original, desired path. If not, decide how to steer your brand back on track, whether with a more targeted approach, additional influencer or new one altogether.

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Images: Rosmarie VoegtliMark Hillaryruurmo (Creative Commons)

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