Mar 28, 2016 / by Katie Gaab

Enterprise businesses are going through a digital transformation and executives are demanding measurable returns. But those not paying attention to the ongoing content paradigm shift won’t be able to achieve the success executives want to see.  


Traditional marketing functions are no longer set up to win.

At the recent “How to Launch an Enterprise-Wide Content Strategy webinar, Bernie Borges, CEO of Find and Convert; Carlos Abler, leader of content marketing and strategy at 3M; and Cision senior analyst Caitlin Jamali explored how to centralize your content strategy to reach the right audience and unify as a business.

Ready to increase leads and drive results more efficiently? Here are three steps to revamp your content strategy:

1. Make an Ice Cream Sandwich

Content can no longer be the product of one single department.

“Brands that coordinate across business functions are more likely to achieve the success they need to achieve,” says Bernie Borges.

To do that, Bernie advises approaching content marketing like an ice cream sandwich and layering storytelling, cross-functional contribution and the marketing department.

Storytelling must come from real people, be relevant to the audience and leave the audience wanting to take some type of action, says Bernie.

The cross-functional contribution of ideas should come from sales, customer service, research, product development and any other departments.

Finally, marketing wraps everything together with its vision and production plan for getting content out.

Take away one part of the sandwich, however, and your business gets messy and your content harder to digest.


2. Get A Bird’s Eye View

“Leadership needs to understand how content leads,” says Carlos Abler. “Content is not just communication, it’s a product. All touch points are mediated by content.”

To drive leads and earn new customers, an enterprise business needs a content-driven vision of where it wants to go, what technology it will use to leverage, manage and publish content and how HR can help realize the vision internally.

“I look at it like a game of Go. Since content cuts across so many different roles, if you are able to start in multiple places simultaneously, you’ll have parallel path maturities that will eventually connect to each other,” says Carlos.

To do that, businesses need to develop a facilitation team to nurture the transformation from the traditional egocentric content strategy to a customer-centric one.

“Who in the organization has a big picture view of your content ecosystem?” Carlos asks.

Find someone who is flexible and can collaborate across departments, strategies, goals and visions to drive your content’s direction.

“That person doesn’t necessarily have to be in a C-level position,” Carlos adds.

3. Use Social to Your Advantage


“What makes your audience tick will help make content that’s relevant and engaging,“ says Caitlin Jamali. “You need to understand the language they speak so you sound authentic.”

With social listening tools, you can track:

  • which of your posts your audience sees
  • what actions they take when they see a post (ignore, share or discuss)
  • what they say (promote, respond to or add comments)
  • what they think about your brand
  • how their behavior is impacted.

“You can use social as another layer to color information and draw conclusions between two sets of information that might not have been connected before,” says Caitlin.

Businesses can use social to track their health and locate positive or negative talk that may have impacted their net promoter score or locate organic hashtags to leverage trending topics for new content.

Your content’s success ultimately depends on how well you know your audience and how you approach their needs, wants and desires.

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