4 Ways Influencers Support Brands in Real Time

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When events occur or trending topics arise, your brand needs to act quickly. But in real time, there are so many voices joining the conversation, it’s easy for your brand’s to get drowned out. So how can you take charge and own the conversation in real time?

You need to have influencers on your side.

With strong influencer relationships, your brand can call on its allies to come to its defense in times of crisis or to mobilize its audience when an opportunity arises. Influencers can advocate for your brand and gain your audience’s trust on your behalf.

You already know influencer marketing is an important part of your strategy. But where does real-time marketing come into play? Here are four benefits of working with influencers in real time:

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1. Add credibility


Audiences don’t always believe what brands say. But they will listen to what influencers have to say. In fact, according to Edelman’s 2016 Trust Barometer, 78 percent of people trust their peers, while 49 percent trust CEOs.

Influencers have a strong connection to their audience, and they have the power to sway opinions. They are often viewed as peers working without an agenda, which is why people trust them.

In real time, you need to get in on the conversation right away and establish your brand’s authority over it. The best way to do this is by aligning with an influencer. If an influencer says your brand is trustworthy, their audience will believe them.

Use your media database to find an influencer whose opinion aligns with your brand’s. Your audience will know if your connection feels false, so make sure the influencer’s support of your brand is organic and not forced.

2. Correct misinformation

When a real-time opportunity arises, things happen so quickly that sometimes false information is circulated.

If your brand tries to correct the error, your audience may not believe you. But if an influencer does it on your behalf, they’ll accept it as truth.

While you’ll want to ensure the influencer’s opinions align with your brand’s, you shouldn’t give them a script to follow. If their support feels disingenuous, your audience will sense it. Don’t worry if their messaging isn’t completely aligned. It will make more of an impact than a polished, scripted message.

3. Grow awareness


It’s every brand’s dream to go viral, but it doesn’t often happen. Instead, it’s much easier to take advantage of a trending topic that is already viral and jump in on the conversation. In 2013, Oreo did this with their famous Super Bowl tweet.

Think about how your brand fits into the topic or event, and find out what your audience is saying with social listening software. How can you join the conversation?

Not every trend will be the right match for your brand. But with a little creativity, you may be able to find a unique way to get involved. Just look at what The Salvation Army did with #TheDress.

Once you decide on an angle, figure out which influencer can best express it. Consult your media list to figure out which influencer is the most knowledgeable on the subject and has a similar opinion.

4. Inspire action

It’s not enough to just join a conversation. You want to lead it and get results. Think about the goal of your efforts. What do you want your audience to do?

If you want them to take action, influencers can help. Because influencers have such a close connection to their audience, they can influence their opinions and persuade them to action.

Trending topics and other real-time opportunities don’t last long, so it’s important to keep the conversation going as long as you can. Listen to what is being said about your brand and influencer on social. You may even find other influencers with similar opinions who can continue to spread the word and widen your brand’s reach.

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