4 Ways to Connect With Customers Through Content

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Content has the power to build brand awareness, improve your reputation and strengthen your relationship with your audience…if you know how to use it.

In fact, only 38 percent of B2C marketers believe their organization’s content marketing program is effective.

So how can you create a successful content marketing strategy?

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With the right content strategy, your audience will feel more connected to your brand – and more likely to buy from you. Here are four ways to gain customers through effective content marketing:

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1. Understand your audience

Before you can start creating content, you need to know what type of content your audience will respond to. This means researching their preferences, habits and needs.

Use social listening software to monitor in real time and observe how your audience interacts online.

Consider holding focus groups and conducting interviews to gather even more data. Look at key demographics, and create buyer personas to delve deeper into how your target audience makes decisions.

2. Drive behavior


Through your research, identify a need of your audience’s that your brand can solve. All of the content you create should be focused on offering a solution to your customers’ problems.

When you focus on helping your audience achieve their goals, they will start to see your brand as a trustworthy partner. By earning their trust and understanding their needs, you can then influence your audience’s behavior by producing relevant content that will drive their decisions.

3. Get organized

For your content to be effective, it needs to be organized in a way that will make sense to your audience. This is especially important for large organizations where content may be coming from multiple departments.

Implement the hub-and-spoke model to clarify your content creation and distribution processes. The model consists of two parts: the hub, where you host your content, and the spokes, where you share your content.

The hub, which will most likely be your website, groups all of your content in one central location, which ensures it will be easy to find. When creating your content, use strong calls to action to lead customers back to your website.

The spokes fall into two categories: paid and organic. Paid includes promoted social posts and native advertising, while organic includes search traffic, social and emails. While consistent messaging is important, each spoke serves a different purpose and should have different content.

4. Track your results


After all that planning, how will you know if your content is effective? Measurement is key.

Set up measurable goals and analyze whether or not your content is helping you achieve them. Are you seeing an increase in website traffic? Higher conversation rate?

Look at what content your audience is engaging with. What are people saying about that content? How are they responding to it?

Make adjustments based on your findings and continue to revisit your strategy. Measuring the results of your content should be an ongoing process to ensure your brand is always improving.

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