4 Steps to Creating Effective Video Content

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Today’s audiences are bombarded with content. If you want to your audience to hear your brand’s message heard, you need to make them pay attention. But how?

Visuals and video.

Some of the biggest social trends of 2015 included livestreaming, Snapchat and Facebook video. Your audience is looking for unique video content and your brand needs to be there to meet them.

At his recent webinar, “Convert More Customers With Video & Social,” Jeff Barrett emphasized the need to develop video content that creates an emotional connection.

Jeff shared his tips on using video content to drive leads and engage customers. Here are four steps to do it:

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1. Know your audience


It’s easy to create content. It’s difficult to create content that makes your audience feel connected to your brand.

“You have to connect better to rise above the noise,” says Jeff.

Research your audience using social listening software to find out what they care about it and how your brand can help them. You need to know what motivates your audience in order to know what content will inspire them.

2. Build trust

When it comes to creating content that will engage your audience, quality isn’t always the most important. Your audience feels more connected to content that feels “real,” and hyper-edited, streamlined videos won’t always achieve that.

Platforms like Snapchat and Periscope give your audience a candid look at your brand, making them feel better connected and trust your brand.

When you can create a meaningful “moment” and do something special through your content, your audience will want to share that content with others, and they will be more likely to become a customer.

3. Involve influencers


You can have good content, but good content dies if you don’t have an influencer base,” says Jeff.

Your audience isn’t always interested in what your brand has to say. They are more likely to listen to their peers instead, and that’s where influencers come in.

Influencers can be a bridge between your brand and your audience, relaying your message and spreading your content. With an influencer on your side, your audience is more likely to pay attention and trust in your brand because they will believe what the influencer says.

To get influencers to share your content, you need to add value. Often, this is more than just creating good content. Consider offering social capital, a monetary incentive or unique access to your brand. Give them something that will motivate them to align with your brand.

4. Be timely

When you’re creating video content, you want to share something that people will want to talk about. But it doesn’t have to be an entirely new topic.

Focus on something that is already trending and inject your brand into the conversation. Listen online to find the trending topics, and consider how your brand can add value to the discussion.

Not every topic will be right for your brand, but be creative and you may find unique opportunities where your brand can shine.


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