#RaganDisney Recap: Social Media Sins & Wins

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Yesterday, CEO of Crescenzo Communications Steve Crescenzo kicked off the #RaganDisney Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing & Corporate Communications at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Crescenzo started his opening keynote session by grabbing people’s attention with his comical approach.

“If you wouldn’t share it at a party, don’t share it on social media,” he explained. “Why is it that everyone feels that they have to share every time they do a lunge on social media?”

Steve explained that no one cares what you as a person (not as a brand) do, whether you’re sharing the squares run on your city blocks (“Woo, I ran 2 miles!”) or posting pictures of your bare feet on vacation.

Would you walk up to someone at a party and say, “Hey, today I ran northwest on my street for about a mile, and then turned southeast”? No, probably not. Treat your social media pages the same.

Steve then gave the crowd words of advice based on lessons from real brands: the sinners and winners of social. I’ve outlined these helpful tips from the comedian, er, PR guru below:

Social Media Sin #1:

Social Media Win #1: Brands that realize that whatever is internal is external, and use that to their advantage.

As a brand, you have to remember that everything internal will eventually become external. This can either damage your brand image, or enhance it. Before you launch an initiative internally, ask yourself if it would move your brand forward or back a few steps. Your employees have access to everyone (and everything) at their fingertips – be cautious of that.

Stantec, an architectural company out of Edmonton, Canada, used this tactic as a social media win. They launched a six-word story project in 2013 as a way to allow employees to share their Stantec stories with the world. Hundreds of employees submitted their six-word stories — a genre long thought to have been invented by Ernest Hemingway when he penned “For sale, baby shoes, never worn.”

Stantec didn’t anticipate the project lasting more than a year, so they were pleasantly surprised when it grew legs on its own.  The project celebrates employees and how they tell their stories. The company started this as a way to build company culture, but it ended up in a presentation to investors. Other companies, such as Burlington Coat Factory and GM, picked up on similar social media tactics and used them as social media wins as well.

Takeaway: Leverage your employees on social media. Who knows your brand or service better than the people that are using your product/service every single day?


Social Media Sin#2: Creating videos that require sound.

Crescenzo kicked this social media sin off with a few statistics (who doesn’t love some stats to back it up!?).

Approximately 934 million people access Facebook a day from their mobile device. 823 million users only access Facebook via mobile monthly. Sixty-five percent of Facebook video views occur on mobile.

Steve brought this second sin home with some more humor to back the above stats up. “Why does sound on video not matter on social anymore?” he asked the audience.

“Auto-play!” someone yelled from the far back corner of the packed room.

Steve agreed and asked “How many of you lay in bed, next to your spouse and scroll through your news feed?” The audience replied with laughter, clearly agreeing.

Social Media Win#2: Brands that create videos that do not require sound, but could use it.

“If a video does not require sound and still gets the same message across, that is powerful,” said Steve.  Here are some examples to prove that point.

1. Tasty

2. Lowe’s

3. UPS

Steve also highlighted how using videos as an about section on Facebook is a great way to share your brand message.

4. Southwest Airlines

Social Media Sin #3: Not communicating to people using “what’s in their hand.”

Everyone is on their mobile. Brands must be mobile friendly. If they’re not, they’re missing out.

Social Media Win #3: Brands that know when to use longer videos.

The biggest video trend right now is knowing when to create short, creative videos that do not require sound. Brands need to get there. If you’re going to do a video, create a great video that will tell the culture of the company.

“If you have great content, it’s okay to have longer videos,” said Steve, “if the content isn’t great, don’t make a longer video.”

Steve closed out the session talking about his personal favorite social media win ever: Kleenex.

Kleenex went from a brand that was seen as a way to wipe the sad tears away, to a brand that used them as a way to wipe the happy tears away. The final example Steve gave left the audience reaching for Kleenex. Kleenex didn’t tell people how good their brand was. They used brand journalism to create content that will make them come to you.

“Brand journalism is about drawing people towards your brand without bombarding them,” said Steve.

Key takeaway: Don’t sell what you have to offer. Make them come to you.

Bonus Social Media Win:

“If you are doing corporate communications instead of creative communications, you won’t stand a chance. You are competing with cool kitten videos and funny memes.”

There is a lot out there that is really funny. People’s Facebook friends, grandmas and fan pages are all your competitors. You need to find a way to rise above the competition so that your content is seen.

“No one has an attention span anymore. Everyone is on their devices. You better grab them. You better be entertaining. Otherwise, you won’t stand a chance.”

The good news for us as communicators is that this gives us a chance to get creative. If you want to be successful on social media, you have to Master the 4 Cs:

  • Concise
  • Conversational
  • Compelling
  • Creative

“We have to take the corporate out of corporate communications and make it creative. Best way to do that: Look at what you’re doing. Take a content audit. Do less, and do it better.”

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