Involve Influencers in Real-Time Events

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So you’ve used social listening tools to identify a conversation your brand wants to join. Now what?

For your real-time contributions to truly make an impact, you must be seen as a credible source. However, this is easier said than done.

Often, brands find more success by building connections with the people their audience already trusts and listens to: influencers.

Want to reap the benefits of real-time discussion? The following steps will help you get your influencers involved.

1. Invite Them to Join You

Once you’ve outlined your brand’s position on the topic at hand, search your influencer database to see who is the best to join the conversation. You should reach out to an influencer who you’ve previously established a relationship with; otherwise, your invitation could seem like a cold call.

Also, consider your desired outcomes and the reasons your brand wants to engage the influencer’s audience. Do you want to correct false statements? To bring a fresh perspective to the topic? To inspire action?

Also, how will an influencer help you achieve your goal?

Stress the urgency of the situation, invite your chosen influencer to lead the conversation and remain open to their suggestions or ideas. They already know how to engage their audience and may have a trick you might want to implement into your own communication.

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2. Harness Their Actions

Once an influencer gets on board with your brand, watch how they work their communication magic. If you ask your influencer to share any of your brand’s content related to the event at hand, be sure to provide them with tracking links so you can measure their impact.

Analyze what’s being said in response to your partnership, whether their followers are piping up about the topic and whether any fellow influencers are making their opinions known. This will determine the influencer’s impact and highlight opportunities to keep the conversation going.

Leverage other influencers’ reactions by asking them to join as an additional voice and help impact the conversation.

3. Maintain The Relationship

While real-time conversations may fade as quickly as they appear, that doesn’t mean your relationships should be put to rest once a campaign comes to a close. In fact, if you don’t maintain contact with influencers, your brand may lose the strong relationship it worked so hard to develop.

Whether or not your first ask was met with a response, continue to build rapport with your target influencers. Doing so will reassure them that your call for action was genuine and your original outreach intentional.

Furthermore, by maintaining your dedication to future collaboration, you’ll prove to other influencers that you value and recognize the impact they have, not only on that one particular real-time event, but on your brand in general.

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