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Anthony_Bianco_headshot_1From research to execution, every aspect of your communication strategy is important. If you’re careless with one piece, the whole strategy will suffer.

Anthony Bianco, executive vice president and general manager at República, says brands need to invest in each component of communication to ensure success.

In this interview, Anthony discusses prioritizing each step of your communication strategy, sharing brand messaging with a diverse audience and maintaining the integrity of your overall communication vision.

How did you get your start in advertising and communication?

I found early on in life that I had a passion for fine art but unfortunately, my artistic talent didn’t match my appreciation for great works of art. I knew that I wanted to be around creative people so I majored in graphic design and minored in fine art.

My first job was as an art director at a direct marketing firm, and ever since that time, I’ve had the good fortune to work with truly great industry talent.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?

Luck favors the prepared. Do your homework. It pays off.


What are some of the key components of a successful communication strategy?

I can’t think of a single component that makes up a successful communications strategy that’s less important than another. Each step of the way feeds into the next.

From the upfront research, to communication insights and strategy, to creative execution and the consistent evolution and optimization of a campaign, in today’s world, it’s all important.

Considering the sheer volume of content flooding our senses at any given time, brands can’t afford missed opportunities.

How can brands appeal to a diverse audience? How can they adapt their communication across cultures?


Multiculturalism has become mainstream, and communication today means much more than simply the languages we speak. Unifying, universal truths are at the foundation of building lasting, meaningful communication strategies that resonate with increasingly diverse target audiences.

Psychographic insights hold true across cultures and language. It is absolutely possible to communicate with a wide range of target audiences without diluting core brand messaging through relevant, authentic brand communications – we do it at República every day.

What are the biggest mistakes brands make in their communication?

It’s human nature to solve the problem in front of you. Put out one fire only to run over to the next. Losing sight of the overarching strategy when the day-to-day gets in the way is common.

Messaging consistency is mission critical in our world. When messaging is fragmented to address a specific need without considering long term goals, it threatens the integrity of the communication architecture.

How do you envision the future of marketing communication?


From my spaceship…

I have an optimistic vision of the future as it relates to communication. One of the great benefits of being in this field is bearing witness to the evolution of technology and human interaction with it.

The rate of dissemination of information is paralleled by the rate of our absorption of that information. While the delivery systems of communication will continue to evolve, the development of content that resonates with target audiences will remain a constant.

Our ability to engage with consumers will continue to become more intimate and the metrics and learning behind engagement will include everything from retention rate to heart rate. This is a good thing, not a “big brother” thing, as consumers will receive content that is increasingly relevant to their specific interests.

What advice do you have for those looking to begin a career in the communication industry?

See my answer to question two. Also, one of the coolest things about this industry is that we get to learn about every category under the sun. Technology, entertainment, healthcare, automotive, fashion, spirits, financial services, pharmaceutical, real estate, media – the list goes on and on. So lastly, hold onto your curiosity.

Rapid Fire Round

1. My favorite social media platform is…Snapchat.

2. I laugh most at…awful puns.

3. My hobbies outside of work include…experiencing new, interesting things with my family.

4. The thing that gets me up in the morning is…my alarm.

5. My biggest pet peeve is…laziness.

6. One thing most people don’t know about me is…that I have no secrets.


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