Jul 08, 2016 / by Katie Gaab

The average person spends more than four hours browsing the internet each day…and that doesn’t include time spent on mobile. The temptation to keep scrolling through a social media feed or online newsroom can be hard to fight, especially if you’re can’t find what you’re looking for.

How can brands ensure their target audiences see and consume their content? Getting noticed requires earning readers’ trust, and 90 percent of them trust influencers more than they’ll ever trust your brand.

Here are a three tips for earning media from influencers:

Be Human


Your brand isn’t alone in the race to partner with an influencer. However, those that strive to be more human in their outreach are more likely to outrun the rest.

A brand’s voice, whether on social, in emails or across blog posts, communicates its personality through messaging. Before you pitch, ensure you’ve found your brand’s voice and how it relates back to your culture. To avoid sounding cold or robotic, keep jargon and other internal lingo out of your pitch.

Pro Tip:  Use social listening tools to find out what topics your target influencers are discussing in real time and engage in the conversation.

Case Study: Mattress startup Casper continues to earn media from its “not so serious” attitude and ability to strike up conversations on social.


Highlight Shared Interests

Brands that track a journalist’s beat and previous coverage have a much better understanding of stories to come and ways to pitch for those stories. Similarly, those who monitor influencers’ social conversations will have a better understanding of their interests and how to utilize them in future pitches.

Friendships are formed over shared experiences, hobbies or goals. Grab an influencer’s attention by showcasing similarities and setting expectations as to where you want the relationship to go if they agree to join forces.

Pro Tip: Leverage your owned media in pitches. Explain why data, research or other content may be of interest and how you share a similar viewpoint with your target influencer.

Case Study: Australian bank ANZ earned media coverage by sharing its Women’s Report with influencers interested in equal pay and gender equality.

Create Suspense


At some point in the not so distant future, your brand will create a new product or service. A news release will be vital to getting the word out once the day finally comes. But what will you do in the meantime?

Start buzz before the launch date by asking influencers to test the product or service before anyone else. To make the experience even more exciting, send a series of clues about what’s to come. By building excitement around the campaign, your influencers will be more likely to write about their experience and their followers will pay close attention to what they have to say.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to include a hashtag in your communication.

Case Study: Colgate’s charcoal toothbrush campaign included the #WhatTheBlack hashtag with each daily clue. The corresponding website was also included to keep participating influencers on their feet.


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