It’s Time to Go Live: Q&A with Vincenzo Landino

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Shaan Purri, co-founder of Blab, recently said people don’t want scripted, manicured, polished and perfected content anymore. They want brands to be authentic. But how? Live video.

I decided what better way to learn about live video than from a video pro himself. Enter: Vincenzo Landino. Vincenzo is an entrepreneur, speaker and host of the Brand Boost Podcast. He is the co-founder and Creative Director of Aftermarq, a video strategy consultancy that specializes in brand amplification storytelling through video and live streaming.

The funny thing is I have yet to officially meet Vincenzo, but it feels like I already have. And why might that be? Because this guy has mastered live video.

Is your brand flirting with the idea of getting in front of the camera? If so, great! If not, well, it’s time to conquer your fears and hit record (or, in this case “Go live”). Before you get started, check out some of Vincenzo’s insights on the topic.

Q: At this year’s Social Media Marketing World, Michael Stelzner said “live video is hot” during his opening keynote. Do you agree? Why or why not?

A: Live video is definitely hot right now. Over 50 percent of marketers are using live video as part of their marketing strategies. Up from less than five percent last year. That signals a HUGE opportunity. Aside from marketers, looking into how the public consumes video, especially video that creates a moment or event that one cannot miss, has the highest engagement/interaction. That’s where the money is.

Q: Industry influencers and professionals have been saying for quite some time that “this is the year for live video.” Why now? Why has it taken so long for people to catch on?

A: People are scared of video. You can’t create it from behind a keyboard, someone has to show their face. I go back to the consumer. The consumer is begging for transparency and authenticity from brands and businesses they buy from and deal with. It is literally impossible to run away from video at this point.

It’s taken so long to catch on because video has long been thought to be something that only celebrities or TV and movies could do. Consumer wants and needs have converged with what technology can now offer us — the ability to be anywhere and everywhere, in pockets, homes, work and more. Combine that with the “in-demand” mindset of people, video is trending up, up, UP!


Q: What is one piece of advice that you have for anyone who is hesitant to try video/live video?

A: Know WHY you want to get into it and what your end goal is, don’t worry about equipment (in the beginning), and listen to your audience.

Q: What are some mistakes that you’ve seen people or brands make on video/live video?

A: The number one mistake that’s being made right now is that brands and people are not engaging with the audience that is interacting with them in real time. Or, at least engaging with comments after the fact. You have people live and you’re treating them like they aren’t there.

Q: What brands or influencers are rocking video/live video right now?

A: GE, Doritos, Wendy’s, Spotify, Dunkin’ Donuts, Adidas andiHeartRadio. If you aren’t following these brands, I highly recommend that you do. From live drone flying to chip giveaways, these brands are creating unique user experiences for their customers.

Q: What is your favorite go-live app and why?

A: Facebook Live because of the numbers and the way people use Facebook. Right now, as it stands, everything is in one app. The user experience is easy. If you’re a consumer or a creator, all you need is the Facebook app.

Periscope has yet to figure out the user experience. Putting a live button in Twitter that simply pushes users to a third party app doesn’t make the learning curve easy.

I’ve heard people (everyday users of social media) say they love Facebook Live because it’s so easy and shows them things they can’t get access to. When asked about Periscope, they say that they think it’s too difficult to use or understand and they don’t need another app.

Sharing on Facebook lasts longer, and gets an algorithmic bump when people share to their networks. The value that live video has on Facebook’s algorithm is all the reason I need.  

Q: Do you have any suggestions on products?

A: Lots, but one that you need is your own brain! If you don’t have a strategy and a personality, equipment won’t help. Like a golfer who thinks the best clubs will make him Tiger Woods, a live-streaming brand is only as good as their strategy and personality.

Q: What are your suggestions on resources or people to follow for video/live video tips?


  • Amy Schmittauer: For video and YouTube tips, there is really no one else other than Amy Schmittauer and her YouTube show, SavvySexySocial. Her tips will work with video and live video, and her personality shines through as the focal point of what doing good video means.
  • Brian Fanzo: One of my best friends, and a true change evangelist, Brian Fanzo, does video right. While he may not provide specific tips on HOW to do video, watching Brian engage with the audience is an eye-opener for anyone who wants to capture their audience’s attention. Brian is also of the mindset “done is better than perfect,” which perfectly epitomizes the live-video movement.
  • Geoff Golberg is an interesting case here because Geoff doesn’t give tips. Geoff chooses to do something vastly different. He just does it. If you aren’t from New York City, follow Geoff and you’ll feel like you are. He provides access to the city that you wouldn’t see short of being there yourself. What you can learn from Geoff is to create content where you are and with what you have. No need to fly all over the world when you have an amazing backdrop right in your backyard.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk: I can’t go without mentioning Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is a model of consistency. He also has no fear of video. Gary understands that video is where people are at and what they are sharing, so he creates video and syndicates from there.

Q: Is video/live video just a trend or do you think it will stick around?

A: Live video is here to stay. No doubt. The culmination of technology, social media and consumer landscape will keep this here for a long time.July13_WP_Ads3_728x90px

So there you have it, folks. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and top of mind with your audience, you must adapt quickly. What are some of your go-live tips? Share your thoughts below in the comments.


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