Aug 04, 2016 / by Katie Gaab

Every day, your audience decides what content to read and what to ignore. How many eyes are on your content?

Approximately 82 percent of consumers actually enjoy reading branded content, if it’s relevant to what they’re looking to learn about.

Rather than force-feeding audiences nonstop, lackluster content, take a moment to return to Storytelling 101. To get you started, here are three factors to revisit before creating your next piece:



Audiences are 60 percent more likely to seek out a brand’s services or products after reading their articles. But persuasion is powerless if a brand’s voice is inconsistent or undefined.

A brand’s voice articulates its personality, culture and positioning within its industry. It’s not something to be made up on the spot, but rather developed over time. Uncover what already exists by revisiting your brand’s mission and goals.

Set voice guidelines for anyone contributing to your content marketing strategy by thinking of a few adjectives that describe your brand. Then, come up with those that describe what it is not.July13_WP_Ads3_728x90px


A subset of voice, tone is dependent on the scenario at hand. What type of content are you working on? Who is your target audience?

The tone used in social media posts, for example, will differ from the one used in reports or presentations. Social tone will be more conversational, whereas longer form content will aim to establish leadership and expertise and its tone should reflect those goals.

Additionally, tone will differ with each audience persona. If you’re unsure of how to approach it, think of how you would approach someone in person. Brands will likely have a more casual tone with employees, whereas prospects may get a more educational tone.



Content will only be effective if it appeals to the target audience. Gathering consumer insights is key to ensuring relevance.

Determine who makes up your various audiences, how and where they consume content, and what interests them the most. Look at the content they already engage with to determine what to do differently in the future.

For example, after gathering data on Cubs and Cardinals fans, Cision found a handful of topics that these baseball fans were also likely to read and tweet about, including Chinese food and beer. Getting a close glimpse at what your audience really cares and talks about will help determine what content will resonate the most!


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