PR 101: How to Pitch Holiday Gift Guide Editors

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It is no secret in PR that holiday gift guide pages are some of the most sought-after real estate for a campaign. Placing your client’s product in a coveted holiday recommendation page of a major publication not only gives them heightened exposure, but also tremendously increases the chance of that product being purchased during a time when consumers spend the most. So how do you produce a successful Holiday Gift Guide campaign and get as many eyeballs on your client’s product? We’ve talked to hundreds of HGG editors about what makes them pick your pitch for their HGG pages, and below are some of the  most important takeaways that guarantee to help you land that important end-of-the-year gift-giving page.

Pitch Now

Summer is the perfect and preferred time to identify the coverage opportunities for your products. Most publications work with a long lead time — up to six months in some cases — and securing editorial coverage for a December issue starts now.

Pitch the Right Person

Majority of print and online publications that run a gift guide have allocated gift guide editors, who are responsible for putting together the pages. Find that person. A good place to start is the Cision Media Database, which outlines HGG contacts for major outlets along with their deadlines, lead times and contact information.

Respect Journalists Pitching Preferences

If you want your pitch to be noticed in a flood of product releases, know when to send it. Do your homework and know journalists inclinations — learn their holiday gift guide deadlines, pet-peeves, follow-up preferences and what specific products their audience is interested in.

Know Your Product

Be prepared to answer all questions about your product. It is a huge pet-peeve for editors when you seem unprepared, delay responding to their questions and are not ready to send samples and photos, if requested.

Write the Ideal Pitch

Be creative. Give a reason why your product stands out from the rest. Then ask if the media contact would like a sample. Don’t go over one page. editors are very busy and receive countess pitches, so respect their time by sending short but effective news releases.


The Cision Media Research Team maintains a database of more than 1.6 million records, including social influencers, traditional media contacts, outlets and opportunities. We collect and maintain the latest contact and pitching information of bloggers and journalists who can spread your message, broaden your campaign and help you build relationships with the people who matter.  To experience the Cision Media Database first hand, request a demo here

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