November 03, 2016 / by Adelle Archer

Today, TrendKite becomes the first and only PR Analytics platform to offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) measurement for PR.

Google boasts the world’s largest active audience with 4.5B searches per day, and PR is a key factor in determining how and where a brand shows up in search rankings.


For the first time ever, PR professionals can now measure their influence on their brand’s search engine ranking by using TrendKite’s newest metric, SEO Impact, powered by Moz. Equipped with this data, PR professionals can take credit for the free, high-quality website traffic they drive, and further demonstrate the ROI of PR.

SEO Impact for Salesforce

Times Are Changing: SEO & PR Need Each Other

Over the last few years, search engine marketing has radically evolved. In years past, SEO  was a a very technical practice. As search engines (and searchers) have become more sophisticated, SEO has become a blend of art and science. Black-hat SEO tricks don’t work anymore. Google now values content that’s useful and relevant, and wants to see trustworthy, authoritative sources linking to it.


PR is the greatest creator of quality content and links, so SEO managers need PR today to improve their company’s search ranking.


“Link building has increasingly moved from the digital side of the house to the editorial side, because the pay-to-play SEO opportunities have dried up, and now editorial needs to fix that problem by building real links, in order to keep search engine rankings high.”

- Chris Piper, Director of Market Strategy, DriveTime


Search engines have a lot to offer PR as well. If the PR team lands a feature & backlink in a high authority publication, their earned media is likely to show up at the top of relevant Google searches, which supercharges brand awareness & exposure. According to TopRank, 90% of journalists also research their stories using Google, so they may reach out to a brand proactively if they stumble upon them while researching.

PR Article on Page One of Google

“NYT’s domain is very powerful, and if we are lucky to get a backlink, then we get a major SEO bump on the keywords we’re trying to rank for.”

- Ricky Joshi, CEO Saatva Mattress


Learn SEO Through a PR Lens

TrendKite integrated SEO measurement directly into the platform to save PR professionals time and guide their thinking around SEO measurement. To help you take full advantage of this feature, we also wrote an ebook, The What, Why and How of SEO Driven PR Measurement, to serve as an educational introduction to SEO for PR professionals.


Measure SEO Impact with TrendKite

By integrating with the industry-best SEO software provider, Moz, TrendKite customers can now identify high SEO potential outlets and measure their impact on their company’s search rankings.


SEO Impact is a score (on a 100 point scale) that predicts how well a website ranks on search engines. In Moz, it’s known as Domain Authority.


When PR teams secure a mention in a publication with high SEO Impact, they are helping their brand rank higher in search on keywords contained in the article.

SEO Impact of Business Insider

Using SEO Impact, PR professionals can:

  • Rank their coverage and discover the articles that had highest SEO impact
  • Identify and pitch high SEO potential outlets
  • Report on PR’s SEO impact directly from their TrendKite dashboard
  • Show PR’s full digital impact (SEO & web traffic)


"We’re excited to begin using TrendKite’s new SEO Impact widget, specifically for the advanced reporting and measurement it will bring to our quarterly reports. We’ve always known how important PR is to SEO, and this will give us a seamless way to note which publications lend us the benefits of their high domain authority for future pitching.”

- Analisa Goldblatt, Marketing Manager, RealMassive


At TrendKite, we’re on a mission to help get PR professionals the credit they’re owed, the budget they deserve, and the seat of the marketing table that’s unmistakably theirs. We believe SEO is a powerful arrow in the quiver to help accomplish these things, so we’ve integrated this new capabilities for free in TrendKite dashboards and reports.


If you don’t currently use TrendKite, we’re still happy to walk you through the SEO impact of your recent coverage - just get in touch with us!


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