Feb 02, 2017 / by Maria Materise

Audiences trust influencers 92% more than brands. With such low trust in your brand, your owned channels may be losing traction. How can you ramp up your reputation and gain the same credibility as the influencers your audience trusts?

Get those same influencers on your side. By including them as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll build stronger relationships with your audience and grow your customer base.

In Cision’s new white paper, “Targeted Outreach: Turn Influencers Into Brand Advocates,” Stacey Miller, director of communications at Cision, explains how brands can earn back the trust of their audience through targeted influencer marketing.

It all starts with choosing the right influencers to partner with. Here are four factors to look at to decide which influencers are right for your brand:

  1. Engagement

You can tell how effective an influencer is by analyzing their followers. While follower count will tell you how big their audience is, it won’t tell you how motivated they are. Instead look at engagement to learn the effect an influencer has on his or her audience.

Are the followers responding to the influencer’s messages? Are they participating in conversations? How active and engaged the audience is will indicate how motivated they are to take action.

  1. Topics

It’s important to take note of what the influencer talks about and covers. The influencer’s specific niche must be relevant to your brand. Don’t just focus on the broad topic; delve deep into the specifics.

For example, your targeted influencer may focus on beauty, but if they’re only talking about skin care and your company sells lipstick, they will not be the right match for you.

  1. Location

Similarly, the influencer’s location must also be relevant to your brand. The location of your influencer should be a place where your brand already has a presence or is looking to expand into.

You’ll need to also ensure the influencer’s audience matches your brand’s target audience. Are you aiming to appeal to a national audience or a local one? If you want to target people on a national level, but your target influencer’s audience is only in Chicago, IL, you’ll need to look elsewhere for a brand partner.

  1. Demographics

Besides geographical location, are there other criteria you’re looking to focus on? Perhaps your brand wants to appeal to new moms or millennials or men interested in sports. Depending on your needs, you’ll want to look at the demographics of your target influencer’s audience, including age, gender and race. All of these factors will influence how the audience responds to your message.


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