Feb 10, 2017 / by David Moore

SEOImpact_Cluster1.png2017 is already off to a flying start and we are getting lots of questions from PR pros and agencies about which metrics and KPI's they need to optimize their PR plans. We thought it would be worth sharing an outline for a data-driven PR strategy leveraging advanced analytics that will help you get exceptional results. It all starts with looking at the metrics and asking the right questions.

Which of your mentions had the most SEO impact?

SEO impact is largely dependent on the authority of the site on which the mention appeared. Sometimes it is obvious that a site will have a positive SEO impact, The Wall Street Journal or CNN, for example. In other cases, a niche publication that you wouldn’t expect has good authority for the relevant keywords and can have a positive effect on your page rankings.

Once you’ve identified the mentions that moved the SEO needle, you can target those publications with more pitches. It is also useful to know if you are getting any low-quality mentions in publications that won’t help with SEO. It is always best to focus on quality over quantity.

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Which topics had the most social shares and engagement?

Social amplification has a big impact on SEO, influencer outreach, brand awareness, and website traffic. It should not be overlooked when the strategy is developed. Look for the topics, key messages, and content types that drove the highest readership and the most shares. This is the type of content that you want to continue to create and promote. It may even make sense to do some paid promotion related to popular topics.

Were there any spikes in your coverage or your competitors’ coverage? 

If your competitor is getting attention, you should pay attention. Look for any spikes in your competitor’s coverage and try to determine what drove them. You can then try to find ways to steel their thunder or at least get mentioned when they are to interrupt their featured coverage. You can also target the publications that cover your competitors with your own differentiated message. It is also important to pay close attention to your competitors’ SEO rankings. Study what might be pulling them up so that you can get to the top before they do.

Which messages resonated with your media contacts?

Media Mentions are great, but they are much better if they include the message that you want the audience to receive. You don’t control what the journalist or blogger writes, but you can measure how many of your key messages are being pulled through. You may discover that one message is more powerful and compelling than another and focus your pitches on what is resonating with your target audience and the publications and journalists that are driving positive PR results.

For too long, PR measurement has been all about counting mentions. But as you can see with these questions, the number of mentions alone isn’t very instructive. Let’s say you got 1,000 mentions in Q4 of 2016. So what? That doesn’t tell you anything about the impact of those mentions, nor does it provide any guidance on how to hone your strategy for the next year. To get that kind of insight, you must dig deeper and move toward qualitative analysis. We understand why PR pros haven’t done that in the past. It’s hard. In today’s complicated environment, it is probably impossible without artificial intelligence and advanced pr analytics software. That’s why AI is becoming a big deal in Public Relations software solutions.

If you have the right PR analytics solution in place and ask questions like these, you’ll go from wondering what happened to knowing how to capitalize on it. Request a demo today to see a custom TrendKite PR Analytics dashboard for your brand!



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