Mar 14, 2017 / by Lacey Miller

Media monitoring, the necessary evil for PR as we work to keep an eye on what’s being said about our brand, our competitors, and our industry. But when it comes to understanding PR’s impact on your brand and justifying the investment in PR, media monitoring alone is not enough. Let's take PR measurement to the next level.

Website Traffic Generated from Media Mentions

In today’s digital universe, a crucial measure of PR effectiveness is its ability to get eyeballs on your website. Understanding which mentions give you a traffic bump is important to developing your strategy. Are there certain publications or social channels that drive more visits? If so, perhaps you want to focus more of your energy in that direction or find similar opportunities. Do particular mentions have a longer “shelf life” in terms of traffic? Perhaps you want to work toward more of that type of content.

PR’s Impact on SEO

While press releases are no longer the magic bullet for SEO, PR can be. The impact of quality backlinks on search ranking can’t be understated. Even just a few backlinks form relevant, authoritative pages can move the needle. This matters because academic research shows that 91% of searchers don’t go past the first page of Google. You should understand the SEO impact of every mention and link. New to SEO or need a deep dive on how PR is the best level to pull in your SEO strategy? Check out our SEO eBook whe we disucss the what, how, and why of SEO!

Quality Coverage vs. Quantity Coverage

If you have a boss or client who is obsessed with counting mentions, we know what you’re up against. The old “any press is good press” (it’s not) way of thinking is hard to combat. But the fact is that quality matters. Quality mentions are more likely to drive all of the other important metrics we’ve mentioned here, while low quality coverage (i.e. bad backlinks) can hurt your SEO ranking, making your job much more difficult.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis, sometimes called “opinion mining,” is the practice of assigning an attitude to each mention. Usually the descriptions of positive, negative, and neutral are used.  PR sentiment analysis gives you an effective way to analyze trends. You can study how news impacts the overall perception of the brand and which messages and channels are most effective at generating positive sentiment.

Competitive Benchmarking

We don’t compete for customers in a vacuum. We do it against our direct and indirect competitors, so your PR efforts are only relevant compared to theirs. You need an accurate measure of the amount of mindshare you're commanding in the market. Comprehensive benchmarking lets you identify important publications, compare sentiment, and learn from what is working for your competitors.

Social Shares

People trust information that they get from friends and colleagues far more than they trust information delivered directly by brands. That’s why social shares of media mentions and brand generated content are so important. It is crucial to understand what kind of content your audience likes to share, which channels they use, and how they are connected to your brand and other influencers.

Revenue Impact

Even though it seems very far removed, the ultimate goal of PR is to generate revenue. That’s why it is surprising that so few brands have the tools in place to track PR’s influence over the top line. But modern PR software makes it possible to understand how each customer found you and which content and messages influenced their buying decision. If you want a bigger PR budget, proving revenue impact is your best bet.

We’re lucky to be doing PR in the digital world. It gives us unprecedented insight into the impact of our work. We can make data-driven decisions and use our scarce resources more wisely than ever. If you stop at simple media monitoring, you’re missing out on the opportunity to turbo charge every campaign and blow your competition out of the water.


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